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Community Energy is the future - a more sustainable, democratic, localised way of providing energy, where the power really is in the hands of the people.

But there’s a problem

Politicians are blowing hot air about renewables again, instead of taking responsibility for ensuring a just transition to the modern, clean energy system we know we need.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We will turn this silly attack on its head by finding potential political champions and taking these key Members of Parliament to see inspirational, operating community energy projects.

This initiative will demonstrate the tangible benefits of a more localised energy system, a win-win-win model that inspires champions because it just makes sense. That’s what we’ve seen in NSW, where the first-hand experience of MPs like Adam Marshall is driving the Coalition government to increase its support for Community Energy, and renewables more broadly.

The campaign to Fund Community Energy has already enjoyed amazing success, securing policy commitments of $100 million and over from the federal ALP, Greens and Nick Xenophon Team in the lead-up to the 2016 Federal Election.

But to continue to see community energy grow and be a circuit-breaker in the energy debate, we need your help to create more political champions – and fast.

We can build those champions together, by showing key Federal MPs operating community energy projects.

Who is running this project?

This project is led by me, Nicky Ison, through the Fund Community Energy campaign – a strategic initiative of the Coalition for Community Energy.

You can join us

There’s no time to lose – help make this a reality today by pitching in. Your generous donation will allow us to:

  • Take MPs from Victoria and NSW to local, successful Community Energy projects if we raise at least $3000.
  • Add a 2nd NSW project visit if we raise over $4200.
  • Add a Queensland project visit if we raise over $5400.
  • And add a 5th project visit in another state if we meet our full goal of $6600.

The Fund Community Energy campaign has been advocating for and securing commitments that will benefit the whole Community Energy sector, helping lead a faster and fairer transition to a clean energy future.

In the last few weeks, during a heatwave, the Treasurer brought a lump of coal into Parliament while the Prime Minister continued his unfounded attack on renewables. Right now is the time to make a key strategic intervention in the energy debate and advance community energy in Australia – you can make that happen by donating now, and spreading the word to your friends and networks.

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