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Today, an estimated 1 in 10 Victorians have Specific Learning Difficulties (SLDs), including Dyslexia. Ultimately most live happy, meaningful lives, yet there are many children who are unable to reach their learning potential. As a community, we have a shared responsibility to support these individuals and their families.

Sadly, for many children their existing supporters (families, teachers and the wider population) often do not understand their condition or their incredible strengths. Frustratingly, a child's opportunity to achieve their learning potential is limited by this lack of understanding and support.

Failing to provide help leads to loss of self-esteem, disengagement from school and learning - all with negative lifelong consequences.

As the peak body in Victoria for individuals with Specific Learning Difficulties, we believe there is phenomenal potential for positive change in Victoria’s schools and workplaces if these children can learn in a way that suits them.

Support and learning arise from accurate and timely understanding. This is our shared challenge, and we need your help.

Confusion reigns...

For children who are struggling with reading, writing, spelling or maths, the challenge they are facing at school is enormous.

Dyslexia. Dyspraxia. Dysgraphia. Dyscalculia. Specific Learning Difficulties.

What do they mean? Where can I get help? What will it cost? Who can I trust? What’s next?

For parents and teachers who are seeking immediate advice and support; and for those who are led to further confusion after the diagnosis; the ability to confidentially talk with an experienced professional can answer these questions, and more!

SPELD Victoria's Infoline

Commencing in early 2014 and receiving in excess of 600 calls annually, the Infoline service offered by SPELD Victoria is one of our greatest gifts to parents needing immediate advice and encouragement.

This free, professional and confidential service allows parents, educators and students, the ability to learn more about Specific Learning Difficulties and importantly, offers accurate advice and support.

Every call is answered by Mim Davidson, a highly qualified former Primary School Teacher, with postgraduate qualifications in the area of Specific Learning Difficulties. Having worked across primary, secondary and tertiary education, Mim continues to provide consultancy services to ensure children and adults achieve their learning goals.

Perhaps her greatest contribution, however, is Mim's ability to offer reliable advice and support for individuals seeking answers to their questions about Specific Learning Difficulties.

Mim and SPELD Vic. cannot do it alone.

Will you answer our call so we can answer yours?

Your support is vital

SPELD Vic. is proud of its incredible Infoline, and wants to ensure its ongoing sustainability and success.

This highly valued, free, professional and confidential service needs your support.

This service is free to the caller but not free to provide.

Your one-off donation will directly support children with Specific Learning Difficulties, their families, and teachers seeking to best support the specific learning needs of their students.

Dyslexia. Dyspraxia. Dysgraphia. Dyscalculia. Specific Learning Difficulties. A diagnosis is never enough. Advice, support and ongoing assistance is always needed. The Infoline provides that assistance.

Please, answer our call so we can answer yours!

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