By Dipika Kohli

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'Art of the Zine' popup by DK in KL, Sept. 2018 // Photo: Muhd Muqhriz

A new S P C every week

Get Design Kompany's e-mag, S P _ C _. (See what we did, there?) ;)

It's a weekly, written by people that teams at Design Kompany dsicovered in real life, in the field, for our Atelier S P A C E project from 2017-2019. Mostly we went to countries in Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. Sharing what we learned, along the way, with our wider virutal community is how S P C got started.

'Why zines?'

In an age where the internet can confuse and lie to us, 'zines' (xeroxed short publications we make ourselves and give our friends) give us a tangible grip on the *here and now*, and remind us that at the end of the day, *we* get to create and write our own stories: the stories of our lives, the stories that remind us who we are.

S P C issues on display // Photo: DK Creative Director Dipika Kohli, 2020

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See you on the other side! ;)

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