By Dipika Kohli

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'Why a weekly e-mag?'

In an age where the internet can confuse and lie to us, 'zines' (xeroxed short publications we make ourselves and give our friends) give us a tangible grip on the *here and now*, and remind us that at the end of the day, *we* get to create and write our own stories: the stories of our lives, the stories that remind us who we are.


We've been creating new issues to spotlight artists, designers, and writers in our weekly e-mag!..

Here are a few, just below.

In order, they are the cover designs of issues of S P A C E with: typeface designer Pilar Cano; digital processing whiz Nils don Sihvola whom we met in Latvia; musician-writer Michael Bridgett, Jr. who collaborated closely with DK in Phnom Penh in our early stages of concepting S P A C E; bookshop manager and photographer Napisa Leelasuphapong whom we were very lucky to get to meet through a series of introductions in Bangkok; and the timeless poet-artist Ilyas Kassam.

All of them were open to sharing and discovering, together, with us, 'the story,' as it emerged organically, at a natural pace. That's why these issues are so much fun, for us to make and share. They're art because they're the documentations of real feelings of connexion, of real exchanges.

Conversations emerge.

DK puts the best of the very best ones into issues of our weekly e-mag, S P A C E.

Zine popup shows 2017-2019..

'Art of the Zine' popup by DK in KL, Sept. 2018 // Photo: Muhd Muqhriz

A new S P C every week

Subscribe to S P C to experience the things to come. It posts every Tuesday at 7AM USEST. Read each week's issue to discover what DK finds curious, intriguing, amusing, betwitching, beguiling, endearing, or just cool. We share only the best of what we uncover, in the field, moving around, in real life or networking through the cloud to find people making stuff who are, we feel, sincere. Sharing that, and just that. No ads. No endorsements. No BS. 100% crowdfunded, right here.

Support this effort when you subscribe. Thanks! ;)


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