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Please note our Chuffed Crowd Funding Campaign is now closed. If you would like to join Spacecubed as a member or check out Level 9, please get in touch!

If you'd like to join the Launch Party on 5 November, you can still
purchase a ticket here.

Join us as we grow Spacecubed to Level 9

We need your help to support the growing WA startup community and take Spacecubed coworking to the next level (literally!). Donate to our campaign or pick up one of the awesome perks to show your support.

*** Level 9 Crowdfunding Update: $50k We made it! Thanks to YOU! ***

This Thursday morning we tipped the $50k mark for the Spacecubed Level 9 Crowdfunding campaign!

It came down to over 200 individuals and smaller organisations along with a few key corporates like PwC and Optus who all contributed and shared with their network.

We really appreciate your support and have been blown away by the drive people have had to see this campaign succeed and Spacecubed grow. We look forward to seeing you at the Spacecubed Level 9 launch party on November 5th.

*** Join us for an Awesome Launch Party ***

Pledge $25 or more and join 200+ Supporters for an awesome Level 9 Launch Party on Wednesday 5 November - Exclusive for Level 9 Supporters!

BE QUICK, the campaign ends on Friday 24 October!

*** Last Idea Wall Sponsorship - Kitchen Collaboration Wall ***

A last opportunity to sponsor and brand a Collaboration Wall on Level 9: transform the Level 9 Kitchen into an awesome collaboration space, boosting creativity and encouraging our entrepreneurs to share big ideas over lunch.

*** Level 9 Crowdfunding Video Update ***

Our Story So Far

We opened Spacecubed in March 2012 with the hope that it would provide a starting point for people with all sorts of ideas as to how they tackle some of the big Social, Environmental and Economic challenges of our time. With all the talk about how we are going to diversify the economy in WA there was very little action and we saw Spacecubed as a way to support people coming up with big ideas.

In the last 2.5 years we have seen the Spacecubed community grow to over 450 members from a range of industries. There have been thousands of events, hundreds of mentoring sessions and tens of thousands of people through the doors. As a not-for-profit organisation, Spacecubed puts all its membership fees back into the programs that support entrepreneurs.

Now we are reaching out to this community and people who are passionate about supporting the next wave of wealth generators and entrepreneurs in this state. We need your help to build Level 9 of 45 St Georges Terrace as an awesome work, collaboration and innovation environment. Help us take Spacecubed to the next level... literally!
Brodie McCulloch- Spacecubed Founder

Level 9:

Taking Spacecubed coworking to the next level

Level 9 has so much potential but like all things with potential it needs work, a fair amount of work. Level 9 is going to provide some great spaces for teams many places for people to grow from just them to teams of 5 - 10 people.

Having more space in the one building means we are achieving a scale and critical mass of members in the one location that ideas and connections will happen more quickly along with more inspiration to push your ideas harder and faster. Level 9 has a great view of the river and council house, and a big kitchen with some great views to eat lunch with.

Having gone through a number of office space renovations now we know the costs add up quickly and thats why we need your help.

Join the Party... and pick up some awesome perks

We are offering some awesome perks to get people supporting this campaign but also help their business move forward. Perks are also the only way to secure yourself a ticket to the Launch Party on Wednesday 5 November!

Some of our awesome Perks include:
  • Ticket to the Launch Party: Join us for an awesome Launch Party on Wednesday 5 November to celebrate the opening of Level 9. Don't miss out and pledge $25 to secure your ticket today!
  • Discounted Community Membership: Pledge $270 and get a full year Spacecubed membership at a super discount (worth $360 - available also to existing members). This includes:
    • Access to a Community of 450+ Entrepreneurs and Mentors
    • Access to Spacecubed and Members Events
    • Access to Spacecubed Member Benefits
    • 1 day per month of Coworking desk space in Spacecubed Level 9
We also have awesome sponsorship opportunities, including:
  • Pimp A Plant: In addition to bringing a friendly touch to your work space, growing live plants in the office can help clean the air and even improve your health!For $85 you can Pimp a Spacecubed Plant & have your logo, tagline or quote on the plant pot.
  • Sponsor an Idea Wall: Using IdeaPaint, we'll transform 3 of the walls on Level 9 into a boundless dry erase canvas of 3mx2m each (!) giving our entrepreneurs the space they need to create, connect and fully explore their big ideas. Pledge $5,000 to brand the wall & add an inspiring quote!
  • The Meeting & Conference Rooms: An average of 1,626 people attend approx. 227 hours of meetings each month at Spacecubed! By sponsoring a meeting or conference room you'll be able to brand, name and design the room & get your name on the tips of all those lips for the next 12 months...

Spacecubed’s Entrepreneurial Community

Spacecubed also offers the knowledge of a great community, ongoing networking and collaboration opportunities and the support to go from idea to market quicker.

Our community consists of technology and enterprise start ups, government and corporate members, as well as social and environmental innovators.

Join us and what we need from you...

We believe that to tackle the challenges of the next 40 years we need to start making changes here in our local community, and start now.

Enabling this growth is our role and a key way to build resilience into local economies and truly diversify wealth generation.

So please share this through social media, email, carrier pigeon, vacuum tube and all other forms of communication you can think of to get the word out.

The campaign only runs for 30 days!
So donate and share NOW... rather than later.

Other ways to Support us

In addition to our Crowdfunding campaign, we also have more tailored Sponsorship opportunities including, but not limited to, WIFI and meeting room naming rights, event sponsorship, scholarships and strategic partnerships. If you’re interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Connect with us

To find out more about Spacecubed go to

If you’re interested in organisation membership, or have any questions regarding our campaign, please email us at to arrange for a time to chat.

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Team Members

Brodie McCulloch

Jennifer Payne

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