SOS Water - A Tale of Twelve Cities

By UnTied Nations

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Cape Town is in crisis

So are London, Miami, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul, Cairo, São Paulo, Bangalore, Jakarta and Mexico City.

And they aren't talking

Each city is no doubt holding crisis talks between the utility providers and the city authorities. We are asking for your help to hold twelve open meetings, one in each city, to uncover the systemic causes and issues, to gather ideas and proposals and to share the findings. To do this well we also need to develop a methodology that helps collect and collate the outcomes from the meetings and connects not just the authorities and global experts but also the people most affected - and the other cities.

A Tale of Twelve Cities

We have taken the highly successful and well-established Open Space Technology model and now need to agree a common "language" for the data elements. We call it Shared Open Space or SOS. This structure means that when Cape Town identifies an issue, it can easily be shared and compared with issues that London has identified, and so on across the cities. Of course the same applies with all the other important data elements, causes, effects, data, proposals and projects etc.

We will probably also ask "Why?" a lot - so that group members can really think about the reasons behind each point and can maybe look at dealing with the causes and not just the symptoms.

Twelve connected conversations.

Water cycles are complex enough; adding in the economic and societal Issues involved requires a multidisciplinary approach, so we will be inviting "experts" but will make sure that no meeting excludes the people most affected.
We never know who might have just the right idea.

Help us do this for all our future

Initial funding will be to support admin staff organising the events and the Open Space meeting facilitators. Depending on the support we get from the cities, we may need to to pay for meeting facilities and local advertising too. As funds allow we will put more efforst into establishing an Open Source discussion / meeting platform so that anyone, anywhere can easily run SOS meetings and connect with all the other meetings around the world using a simple Lingua Franca for global Issues - not just water.

Every donor (who wishes) will be added to the UnTied Nations web site as an UnTied citizen, and no, we will never have a president.

If you would like to support us on behalf of an organization we will add you to our list of donors and can also add a short piece about your organization and why you are supporting The Tale of Twelve Cities.

And - just maybe - we can offer hope for a better world, starting with clean drinking water for all.

Can we develop a way forward to tackle the really tricky issues we all face? For all of us and our future generations - plus the planet we depend on, these twelve meetings might be the start we need.

Who are we?

Currently there is one admin member, William Charlton, though many others have helped and inspired along the way. Five years ago William sold his IT company to concentrate of finding a way to get to grips with the many threats we face - water being the most immediate. He now runs UnTied Nations.

We also have three meeting coordinators/facilitators. Valerie Morris (Cape Town), François Knuchel (London) and Eduardo Vitale (São Paulo). We are actively looking for facilitators for the other nine cities.

As meetings develop those who help, coordinate and facilitate meetings and advise on technical issues will be added to this list.

More information on UnTied Nations

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Team Members

William Charlton

Eduardo Vitale - São Paulo

François Knuchel - London

Valerie Morris - Cape Town