Solitary but not Alone: Support CJ during her time in prison

By Kirsti

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On the 19th of January, 2018, CJ Palmer, a trans woman and former sex worker was charged with causing grievous bodily harm in relation to the alleged transmission of HIV to her ex-partner. CJ has been remanded in a maximum-security male prison in Western Australia where she has already spent over 9 months while awaiting her trial. Her sentence will also be served in a male prison. As a woman in a maximum security male prison, CJ is forced to stay in isolation in a cell by herself in the Crisis Care Unit.

Previous appeals to have her moved from the male prison have been unsuccessful.

Solitary confinement has been extremely difficult on our sister. Showing that she is not alone is important more now than ever before. Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association* is collecting donations on behalf of CJ in order to top up her commissary account and her phone call allowance each month. These are small ways we can let her know she is still part of the community!

All donations go directly to CJ and will be kept separately for her use only.

CJ would also appreciate any letters. There are restrictions on what you can send in the post and letters will be read by the prison. The prison may also censor the letter if the content is deemed to “jeopardise the security and good order of the prison or is of a threatening or harassing nature”. If you would like to send a message of support to CJ you can write to her at:

Clayton Palmer

Casuarina Prison

Locked Bag No 1

Kwinana Post Office


*Scarlet Alliance is Australia’s national peak body representing sex workers, sex worker organisations, projects and collectives. Scarlet Alliance plays an active role in Australia’s response to HIV and in advocating for rights for all sex workers, past and present. See:

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