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Solent day care is a community interest company that provides care for adults with disabilities. We have been supporting adults with disabilities for just over 6 years and are looking to improve our facilities to create more opportunities for our service users. We provide a fun, safe, stimulating enviroment where are service users can learn new skills and feel apart of the community

But there’s a problem

As we have grown over the years we have found that we require more specialised facilities in order to provide a higher quality service to our service users so that they can grow as individuals

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are wanting to create a sensory room for our service users, so that they have somewhere to go when things are too overwhelming for them. We would also like to have a hydro pool so that we can support them with hydro therapy. We would also like to create a workshop and computer lab to teach life skills and skills they can use to get them into the working community.

By having these facilities it will create more opportunities for our guys to learn new skills that will help them to build their futures.

You can join us

We are trying to raise £5000.00 to buy the equipment needed to create a hydro pool room, a sensory room and workshop, each with there own specialised equipment.

We will be doing a lot of fund raising within the next year and it would great to have your support.

Thank you for your support

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