Solar power for Discovery

By Discovery Science & Technology Centre

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Bendigo Sustainability Group are raising money through a crowd funding campaign to install 44 solar panels and create an interactive exhibit at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre. Sunergy Solar, Water, Wind have generously donated four solar photo voltaic (PV) systems consisting of 44 solar panels to Discovery, and Bendigo Sustainability Group are asking Bendigo to help out.

The interactive exhibit will include a monitoring and display system for the solar PV systems to display information about the electricity generated which can be used to showcase sustainability for students and visitors.

Total cost for the monitoring and display system, added to the cost of moving the systems from Sunergy to Discovery comes to a total of $11,000 ($250 per solar panel).

The Bendigo Sustainability Group will lead the funding campaign for Discovery, just as they have done previously in their successful campaign to raise $25,000 for 80 solar panels on the Bendigo Library.

The target is 44 panels – which will produce 11kW of power - by 30 April 2016.

The electricity generated by the solar PV system will generate 16,000kWh per annum and reduce electricity costs by $3,100 each year. If the same electricity came from coal fired power stations, it would create 21 tonnes of CO2-emissions. Discovery is looking towards a future of financial and environmental sustainability that the Bendigo Sustainability Group fully supports through their leadership in this project.

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