The Silent Angel - Taylor Hauff

By John Hauff

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Taylor's Story - Rett Syndrome

Taylor has taught us all how to love! She gives so much love and has touched so many lives. She has amazed us all with how much she has achieved in life and she is an absolute blessing to all and many around her!

I have a dream today!

I imagine a world where Taylor is not bound by her limitations. A world where she can participate in activities on the farm and communicate with us through the use of specialist devices and equipment designed to allow the capacity to do such things.

What are we fundraising for?

Taylor's current four-wheeler is becoming out-dated and we would like to raise money to go towards a new Yamaha Viking (4x4 buggy) which will enable Taylor to be involved in the everyday operation of the farm with added safety and comfortability. Out with the Old, in with the New! She loves getting out and about helping Mum and Dad out on the cattle farm. She enjoys the feel of wind in her hair being outdoors feeding all of her farm animals and riding her out-dated four-wheeler!

Taylor is a Silent Angel because she often uses her eyes to communicate. Technological devices, such as the Tobii Dynavox, makes possible new ways to interact and communicate with Taylor. This will assist Taylor to overcome her motor and speech impairments and help us to better understand her needs.

The funds raised from this campaign will firstly go towards a new Yamaha ATV and modifications, secondly towards the Tobii eye gaze communication device. Additional funds will help pay for further respite expenses, technical equipment and improvements to increase Taylor's mobility in and around home.

Many specialist devices and equipment are expensive and I would like to give my sister the opportunity to have access to such things and to improve the quality of her life.

Taylor has touched so many lives I think it is only fair we touch hers back.

How to donate?

Donations are accepted through this fundraising vehicle, either by Credit card or PayPal.

If you would like to donate via direct debit the details for an account I hold in trust for Taylor are below: (please leave name and contach in description)

Acct Name: JohnHauff

BSB: 064 702

Account #: 1001 1281


I'd like to share with you a story about where the idea to fundraise come from. Over the Christmas break we had a lovely couple from Western Australia come out and lend a hand in and around the farm with Taylor and the property to provide a bit of respite. Upon leaving the place, they handed Mum and Dad an envelope and enclosed inside was some money to go towards "A Buggy for Taylor" that was mentioned several times throughout the duration of their stay. From an outsiders perspective on Taylor's life they could see the difficulties of lifting Taylor on and off the 4-wheeler due to Mum's health concerns as well.

This act of selflessness and generosity has opened up Taylor to a world of opportunity.

Thankyou to all who jump on board with our cause.

This fundraising campaign is only running for 90 days so please spread the word around so we can make a difference. Cheers

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