Help Save Injured & Orphaned Baby Birds Falling Onto Busy Areas

By Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue

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Human civilization has had a profoundly negative impact on wildlife...

We turn their wild land into human homes and cities. Pavement, cars, poisons, new building developments and more take a huge toll. The will to survive is strong however, and is apparent among the herons and egrets nesting in busy, urban areas of Sacramento - areas where they have likely nested for hundreds of years, before our human population exploded. We as humans have a duty to help these animals who are trying so hard to survive.

Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue (SHER) is here to help!

We are a band of community volunteers who go out into the field daily during nesting season to pick up helpless baby birds, who are injured with broken legs and wings, head trauma, or are suffering with dehydration and starvation. We assess each bird to determine whether it truly requires rescuing, and transport these vulnerable young creatures to wildlife rehabilitators for medical care. SHER supports several rookeries (nesting areas) in Sacramento. Will you help us continue this important work by donating funds for rescue equipment, supplies and transportation?

The main rookery contains hundreds of nests in tall trees overhanging asphalt & concrete

During peak season, dozens of baby birds fall out of their nests daily, most of whom are not yet able to fly. Many of the babies are injured from the fall. Those who are not injured often die of dehydration and starvation, as the parents typically do not continue to care for them on the ground due to the high foot and vehicle traffic. Though high mortality is normal for these species, the level of mortality is extreme for this area due to the man-made environment

Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue was formed in May 2015 by wildlife rehabilitators after a baby heron was found with a stick stabbed 2" deep into its back and left for dead below an urban rookery. We visited the area and found dozens of dead and injured birds. Right then and there we knew that something had to be done – the sheer magnitude of these innocent creatures’ suffering was immense and overwhelming.

SHER’s trained volunteers search for birds who need help every single day during nesting season

We deliver the birds to a wildlife rehabilitation facility as quickly as possible, to our partners at Wildlife Care Association in Sacramento,  Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn, and the International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, where they receive medical care, are given time to mature and strengthen, and are ultimately released into a more natural environment.

Your contribution will help fund rescue equipment, supplies and transportation costs. Your help makes all the difference.


Thank you!


SHER’s mission is to minimize pain and suffering in wildlife by providing emergency response, rescue and transportation to vulnerable, at-risk wild animals. We maintain open communication with the public, generate awareness, and provide support and advice on humane approaches to co-existing with wildlife in an urban environment. 

Adult Black-crowned Night Heron carrying nesting materials to the Natomas rookery

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