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Rebbe Nachman teaches that saying the 10 specific Psalms of Tikkun Haklali is a universal remedy that brings salvation. Everyone should say these special Psalms.

But there's a problem. Not everyone knows about Tikkun Haklali and even those that do, don't understand what they are reading.

That's why we created the world's first interlinear translation of Tikkun Haklali, in a convenient pocket format.

Now everyone will be able to carry The Remedy in their pocket and say the 10 Psalms whenever they have a free moment.

But, there's more.

We're going to give out 50,000 copies of the new, interlinear Tikkun Haklali...for FREE!

And you're invited to share in the blessings, healing & salvations that giving out Tikkun HaKlali will bring. Your generous donation will bring you merits and will literally change the world.

Share the Remedy Today - Together we'll create a world-wide Tikkun HaKlali revolution.

Bring salvations, healing and blessing into your life.

Sponsor the printing and distribution of these precious booklets and we'll give them out for free at the holiest places in the world including:

The Kotel (the Western Wall)

Rachel's Tomb in Beth Lehem

Rebbe Nachman's gravesite in Uman

And many more Holy Sites

Every time a person anywhere in the world recites Tikkun Haklali from this beautiful, free edition that you sponsor, you will share in their merit and open up the pipelines for blessings of health, marriage, children, wealth, and strengthening your connection to HaShem.

Please join us, and in the merit of your participation in this great mitzvah, may you be blessed with much joy and goodness, Amen!

(Breslov Research Insitute is a 501(c)(3). Your donation is charitable in the USA)

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In addition to the many mitzvot, you'll receive some very special perks (and you'll also get the perks from the previous unlimited levels, too)

1. Two Copies of The Remedy for You (to Keep or Gift): Sponsor 10 Copies ($18)

2. Get Smart (Digital Breslov Lessons): Sponsor 20 Copies ($36)

3. Double Your Blessings (L'Shem Mitzvah): Sponsor 50 copies ($72)

4. Bestseller (Hardcover of Psalms That Speak to You): Sponsor 100 Copies ($180)

5. We'll Pray for You In Uman (Tikkun Haklali said on your behalf at Rebbe Nachman’s gravesite by a BRI rabbi or teacher): Sponsor 200 Copies ($360)

6. Make A Name For Yourself (Your name published in the First Edition of The Remedy): Sponsor 300 Copies ($540)


In addition to the many mitzvot, you'll receive these exclusive limited perks (and you'll also get the perks from the all the unlimited levels, too)

7. You've Got Dedication (A Personal Dedication in the First Edition of the Remedy, Up to 3 lines in memory of or honor of you or someone you care about): Sponsor 600 Copies ($1080) [Limit 18]

8. Get Your Uman Experience (An All-expenses Paid Trip to Uman with the BRI Uman Experience for men or women; Airfare included from NYC or Tel Aviv!: Sponsor 3,000 Copies ($5400) [Limit 8]


9. The Merit is Yours--The First Edition Title Page Dedication in Your Honor: Sponsor 10,000 Copies ($18,000) [There is Only1 (One) of this perk]

We'll distribute these booklets for free in your merit. If you prefer, we can ship them to you and you can distribute them personally. (Contact for details about having them shipped.)

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