Help Sexelancen survive - better conditions for street sexworkers

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Who are we?

Sexelancen is based in Denmark, Copenhagen - it's a mobile space where street sex workers can bring their clients and sell their services in clean and safe conditions. It's run 100% by dedicated volunteers, who took over the project to keep it alive.

Why should you support Sexelancen?

Street sex workers are particularly vulnerable to harassment/hate crimes, exploitation, and violence from bypassers or people pretending to be potential clients. In comparison, not a single violent incident has been reported to have taken place in the Sexelance. In the Sexelance there are hygienic conditions and free condoms and lubricant, etc. We are in dialogue with the sex workers using the van and trying to get them as involved with the project as possible, both in terms of when, where and how it should look. The association behind Sexelancen are out of money and we really need your help to keep it going!

What will your money go to?

In a broader sense: Your money will secure the opening of Sexelancen and better conditions for street sex workers. More specific:

  • rust damages and brake discs (minimum 15.000 danish kr/2282$)
  • one of the wheels chip is broken (2000 danish kr/304$)
  • new paint
  • lubricant and wipes (3000kr/456$)
  • a heater for inside (it gets really cold during winter here in Denmark and it's a lot of the sex workers biggest wish for sexelancen. 1500kr/228$)
  • snowsuits for the volunteers (2000kr/304$)
  • coffee/tea to hand out
  • parking license and gasoline throughout 2019 (10.000 kr/1521$)

There is a lot of expenses related to the van - but the van is the most import thing about the sexelance project. We went to a vehicle inspection today (5.12.18) and they estimated the car prices for us.

Thank you

for reading, sharing or donating money to Sexelancen! Don't worry about the amount of money you might be able to donate, anything counts!

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Team Members

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