Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers in Australia

By Scarlet Alliance

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Scarlet Alliance and our state and territory member organisations have joined together to create an ongoing fund to make your donations directly available to sex workers who need emergency financial relief in order to support them to stay safe, housed and fed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fund is being overseen by sex worker organisations and run by sex worker organisation staff and volunteers across Australia. All money donated goes directly to sex workers in need.

As sex workers in each state and territory begin to return to work, the emergency fund will continue to provide support until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the country. This fund will primarily focus on supporting sex workers who have not yet been able to return to work, particularly where COVID-19 restrictions remain in place and where sex workers are subject to penalties and fines.

COVID-19 has brought about an unprecedented impact on sex workers. Restrictions remain for sex workers in some jurisdictions and sex workers have been targeted for fines and penalties. In many cases sex workers have had incomes stop completely or significantly diminish. Loss of income has directly impacted on sex workers’ ability to maintain housing, buy food and basic items, support their dependents, and access healthcare and prescriptions.

This fundraiser, will provide emergency relief for sex workers in Australia who do not meet eligibility criteria for government or other financial support or unable to meet government requirements.

Sex workers don’t get sick pay and holiday pay, and many have no superannuation or savings. The stigma and discrimination that they face means some have no proof of earnings to access government support.

Please contribute what you can so that we can try to provide a safety net for our community. No amount is too small.

100% OF YOUR DONATION WILL GO DIRECTLY TO SEX WORKERS WHO NEED SUPPORT. No donations are being used for administration.

Relief applications are being assessed daily and payments are administered weekly through a transparent sex worker led organisation structure, and allocation is dependent on funds donated at that time.

Our ability to provide emergency support is limited to the amount that we receive in donations. It is likely that the need will surpass the amount we receive in donations.

This fund is ongoing until further notice, it's never too late to donate.

If you are a sex worker who needs financial relief please complete the self assessment tool via this link.






About Scarlet Alliance

We are the national peak body of sex workers and sex worker organisations in Australia. We advocate for the health and safety, self-determination and human rights of sex workers. Our member organisations provide services, events, peer education, networking and other forms of support in each state and territory of Australia. Scarlet Alliance is a sex worker led community-driven organisation with over three decades experience in health promotion and sex worker rights.

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