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Thanks to the generosity of so many people in WA we have reached our target of $80,000! The new challenge is to raise $10,000 by the end of the week. Every dollar donated will be dollar matched by the Minderoo Foundation so we can turn our $10,000 into $20,000 and close the campaign with a grand total of $100,000! We've already had $2000 donated since the dollar matching began, please help us reach $10,000 before time runs out on Friday 7th April!

5 days to go!

Seeking Refuge WA – URGENT UPDATE

Australian Government increasing pressure on many asylum seekers to submit their refugee claims in just 60 days

We want to thank you for your support and show you just how much our collective community has done. But we also need to let you know of a very worrying development that could further threaten the ability of many people to get the legal assistance they need to submit their refugee claim.

Your support for people seeking asylum in WA has been wonderful.

By the morning of Day 2 of the campaign, we had raised $10,000. By Day 5, we had reached 25% of our target. Part way through Week 3 we have raised over $30,000! And it has happened because of your generosity and sharing. Thank you. That’s 38 people we can move off The Humanitarian Group’s waiting list of people seeking safety who need help to apply for protection.

But now the people on our waiting list need your help more than ever.

The Australian Government has announced it could cut all support for people who do not apply for protection within as little as 60 days, even though they are on our waiting list. This means no income support and, once their bridging visa expires, no work rights, while people in our community wait for the legal assistance they so desperately need.

Legal assistance can mean the difference between living in fear or living in safety, and somehow we need to make sure this assistance is provided.

Our original target was to help 100 people. Now there is an urgent need to assist all 200 people on the waiting list. That means raising $160, 000. That feels hugely challenging, but so did $80,000 just 10 days ago and now we feel hopeful about that. And hope is what this is all about!

Please add your voice to our campaign to let people know how they can support access to justice for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. You can do this by:

Once again, thank you for all of your support to date. Our incredible success so far is because of your generosity.

And if you do wish to donate again and help more people off the waiting list, please visit:

Many, many thanks

The Seeking Refuge WA Team

Seeking refuge WA - I'll help you apply!

In 2014 the Australian government froze the granting of permanent protection visas to people seeking refuge in Australia, and placed in limbo 1000s of people. The Australian government also stopped providing funded legal assistance to help people apply for a protection visa.

According to the government, a protection visa means that a refugee can remain in Australia for the duration of their visa. But for someone who is a refugee, a protection visa means so much more.

It means they will no longer live in fear of being returned back to the terrible situations which they fled.

Currently there are around 1,500 people in our communities in Western Australia in this situation. The Humanitarian Group has already helped many apply for protection here because they fled another country where they experienced, or were at risk of experiencing, torture and persecution.

We know there are around 200 more people seeking asylum in WA who need our help. Being without funded legal assistance means having no lawyer and no supporting interpreting service (have you ever filled in a questionnaire with over 100 questions in a second language?). The Humanitarian Group – a Perth based not for profit legal centre - has stepped up to help but it desperately needs more funds to do this. It costs $800 to provide this support for each person seeking asylum.

How can you help?

Our request is simple – that you financially help them apply by meeting some of The Humanitarian Group’s costs. Every dollar you can give counts and will provide immediate funding of legal clinics, interpreters, supervising migration agents and support staff who are essential to keeping the clinic open.

Please donate today.

We’re ambitious. We want to give at least half the people on The Humanitarian Group’s waiting list hope and certainty of safety. We need to raise $80 000 to help them with their visa application. Ever $ counts, so say “Yes - I’ll help you apply!’ and donate what you can today.

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