The Jeannette McCullough Indigenous Internship Award

By The Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience

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We live in times of profound intergenerational and interspecies disconnection. Indigenous & intergenerational knowledge transmission is critical to addressing this crisis. The Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) is currently fundraising to create the Jeannette McCullough Indigenous Internship, a position that will help awardees participate in a global exchange of intergenerational learnings. Each intern will be part of a community that is working to rebuild and renew intergenerational bonds, creating intercultural connections, and restoring our human connection to the sacred Circle of Life.

The Jeannette McCullough Indigenous Internship Award

Jeannette McCullough was a gifted Shamanic practitioner, educator, healer and passionate advocate of the power of Indigenous knowledges and ways of being, to bring wholeness to all our relations – human and more than human. Jeannette passed away suddenly in 2016, leaving a huge legacy in the hearts and minds of many. As well as her wise counsel and support for the work of the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR), Jeannette left yet another gift – the money raised from the sale of her many and precious books.

With these funds we are establishing the Jeannette McCullough Indigenous Internship Award. In keeping with AIR’s aims and Jeannette’s work, this fund will support recipients (scholars and practitioners) to learn about and contribute to AIR’s work of Indigenous, intercultural and intergenerational approaches to human-ecological wellbeing. Each recipient will receive $5,000 towards living expenses and tuition whilst undertaking a specific project with AIR that complements their learning. Based at one of AIR’s affiliated organizations and linked to our emerging intergenerational
resilience hubs throughout Turtle Island (Canada), Aotearoa (New
Zealand), Australia and Alba (Scotland) their learning will also be nurtured by AIR's international community.

Jeannette McCullough was a gifted Shamanic practitioner, educator, healer and passionate advocate of the power of Indigenous knowledges and ways of being, to bring wholeness to all our relations - human and more than human. Please click on this link to open the a PDF of the complete Tribute to Jeannette McCullough to learn more about her impact, work and the love she shared with many people (human and more than human).

Focus of 2019 Award/s: In alignment with AIR’s support for the UNESCO sponsored 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages internships awarded for 2019 will focus on “Food sovereignty, waterways and the re-generative capacity of Indigenous languages”. The recipient/s will work with AIR’s intergenerational resilience hubs to develop an interactive digital platform conveying emerging stories of decolonization, language regeneration and food sovereignty.

How you or your organization can help: In the coming months AIR is working to develop this fund, ensuring its sustainability in coming years. Building on the bequest of $1500, our immediate goal is to raise a further $3,500 towards the first Indigenous internship. Beyond that, our next goal is seed a second Indigenous Internship to the value of $5,000, alongside working to raise further funds to make this a permanent award.

Unless you or any of our supporters choose to remain anonymous, we wish to recognize all sponsors for their contributions via AIR’s website and newsletter.


About Us

Launched in 2015 (as the International Resilience Network or IRN), the key purpose of AIR is supporting the growth of locally based innovations aimed at healing our inter-generational and inter-species connections. Renamed the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) in 2017, the mission of our organization has not changed, only the urgency. At the heart of our work is the resurgence of Indigenous knowledge for human and planetary well-being, Elders and youth have important roles to play at our helm. Air is something that every living being on The Earth shares, and without it, we could not live. It is the greatest gift we could be given, and it is thus a fitting acronym for an alliance of communities who are working to re-connect to The Earth, and to rebuild the Circle of Life.

AIR is made up of communities and peoples who are passionate about the revitalization of Indigenous, and interconnected ways of being, as a counter-response to the individualism and consumerism that is wiping away life. The purpose of this campaign is to allow for more communities and more people to have access to the resilient traditions of our older generations through the creation of Intergenerational Resilience (IGR) Hubs.

Relationships play an important part in our community-building. Our
Foundational Communities include people who attended our 2015 Summit,
who saw the chance to repair what is being broken, and they still stand firm
as members of our Alliance. Some of us have been working and growing
together for over a decade or more - i.e., International Human Ecology
Network Paper, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (October 2007); Health in Harmony
with the Environment, Saskatoon, Canada 2008; the ground-breaking book
Radical Human Ecology: Indigenous and Intercultural Approaches (2012,
2016); and the subsequent Radical Human Ecology Dialogues 2013-2014;
and of course the Koru International Network (KIN) – AIR’s predecessor.

Our Team

Led by AIR's Founding Director, Dr Lewis Williams, our team is made up of AIR’s Board of Directors and members of those Intergenerational Resilience Hubs that are part of this Alliance. The Board provides the oversight for the campaign whilst the Campaign Team is responsible for the day to day organization of our campaign.

About Our Mission and Impact of your Donation

Our mission to heal inter-generational and inter-species connections is in response to the profound Disconnect Condition of our times. For example, this disconnection is evident in the interconnected problems of climate-change and species depletion, Indigenous youth suicide or the high poverty rates of older people. If our inter-generational and inter-species connections continue to unravel so, do we!

As a means of strengthening our connections and passing on traditional
knowledge we are continuing to re-establish the rich Indigenous, inter-
generational, and intercultural connections begun at our 2015 Summit on
Tsawout traditional territory.

A key means will be through AIR’s affiliated intergenerational resilience
hubs. Through practice-based research, the aim of each hub is to
strengthen practices of intergenerational resilience - the strength that
comes from shared knowledge and connections between Elders and youth.
Whether through land-based learning, arts-informed ways of being or deep
fireside talks, each hub will bring Elders and youth together for inter-
generational learning around practical tasks of sustainability.

Your contributions to the Jeannette McCullough Indigenous Intern Award
will give at least one Indigenous student the chance to work closely with
AIR to developing these hubs with specific focus the means to strengthen
the connection of these Hubs with a specific focus on “Food sovereignty,
waterways and the re-generative capacity of Indigenous languages”. The
award will enable the Indigenous intern to pursue intergenerational and
intercultural work based on Indigenous methodologies of learning,
knowledge sharing, and organization while benefiting from an international
advisory panel of practitioners, academics, and activists. 

The Impact

Indigenous peoples are often the most severely impacted by ecological
devastation. They are also most often at the front lines of environmental
and cultural activism aimed at safe-guarding The Earth. The Intergenerational Resilience Hubs are an important means of strengthening
Indigenous cultures and ways of being, therefore strengthening the
guardianship of the Earth. By contributing to this growing community, you
won’t simply be donating your money to another idea, you will be
participating in the restoration of what is being lost at an unbelievable rate.
You will be helping to create safe places where these traditions can be
shared between generations. This work has the potential to:

  • Restore the importance of Indigenous and traditional knowledge (within Indigenous communities, and in settler society);
  • Re-centre inter-generational connections and relationships between Elders and Youth;
  • Further grow the strength and talents of our youth, unleashing the capacities of our communities;
  • Perhaps most significant, generate understandings across Indigenous and settler communities of how we can work together for sustainable futures.

To see our track record of growing inter-generational resilience go to:  

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways besides financial contributions to help:

  • Getting the word out about our campaign is a biggie;
  • Hitting the share tools will help heaps;
  • Or you might know of people or organizations who can provide guidance, funding, or even who wish to join this alliance as an Intergenerational Resilience Hub.

There is a word in the Lushootseed language that perfectly articulates the goals, motivations, and hopes of AIR. That word, “Ye’how,” means “to complete something together that can only be completed together.”

Come and be part of our journey! Let’s pull together to restore the Circle of Life.


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Seeding Intergenerational

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