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By Alberta (AB) Herding Dog Rescue

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Who we are....

We are a small, nationally registered Not-for-Profit organization made up of a group of herding, agility and dog sport enthusiasts who love our herding breed dogs.

The Problem...

These herding breeds often exhibit behaviours that are misunderstood &/or require more activity & training that the average working family was prepared for or can work with. Such behaviours include, but are not limited to

    • excessive herding behaviour (circling, nipping heels, stalking, heading off "runaways"), excessive energy and high play drive
    • shy or reserved dogs and herding dogs that show no herding instinct at all
    • food or toy reactive dogs (also known as resource guarders)
    • leash reactive or fence fighters/runners (also known as barrier aggression)
    • fearfully reactive dogs (if they would rather run/hide instead of fight or they would only snap IF cornered or confronted by that "thing" that triggers their fear reaction)

Our Mission...

We take in &/or rescue, rehabilitate, re-train and re-home herding breeds from our local areas first and nationally when we can.

Our goal is to match up working homes for those dogs who need to herd, pet or sport homes for those dogs who do not and generally active homes that can give each dog what they need physically and mentally.

You can help...

Our primary costs are vet care and the daily food & care that each dog needs to maintain a healthy outlook until their furever home can be found.

Your donation helps ensure that our foster dogs receive the following:

  • Initial health check, as well as any necessary or regular vet care
  • Spay or neuter *
  • Microchip & Registration with tracking company
  • All necessary & age appropriate vaccines
  • Dewormer &/or parasite treatment(s)
  • Any necessary grooming
  • Collar
  • ABHDR ID tag by Dog Tag Art

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Team Members

Cindy Swiney