Chip in to take Peter Dutton's cruelty to court #Season4Justice

By Mums 4 Refugees on behalf of The National Justice Project

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Campaign by Mums 4 Refugees and Grandmothers against Detention of Refugee Children NSW:

Rape survivors needing urgent medical evacuation. Women with breast lumps being denied assessment. These are the cases that Peter Dutton doesn't want you to hear about – but you have the power to help fight and win urgent help before it's too late.

These vulnerable, silenced people on Nauru need a lawyer to defend themselves against Peter Dutton's cruelty. Right now.

The pro-bono legal team at National Justice Project need to lock in money to bring on a junior lawyer to help get through all the paperwork needed to take these urgent cases. This works – we've seen the power of these lawyers using Australian law to force the government to act.

When ‘S99’ became pregnant after being raped on Nauru and was transferred to PNG where termination is illegal – she needed someone in her corner to fight for her. There is a boy on Nauru with a broken arm needing surgery as it’s growing into a deformed shape. See the Guardian's story of the women being denied breast cancer treatment here. This is who National Justice Project are representing.

NJP doesn’t take the easy cases, they take the hardest and most urgent. They're defending these people and taking on Peter Dutton's cruelty in our highest courts, but can't do it alone. Will you help chip in a few dollars right now to fund a lawyer for these urgent cases?

NJP have supported the legal fight which has determined the Manus camp to be unconstitutional that has both brought exposure to this camp and embarrassed the Australian government, and place enormous pressure on the government here to close the camp. See the ABC News story here. These legal fights are a critical piece of the strategic campaign to bring justice for refugees and those seeking asylum.

This Christmas help give these people justice. This is the gift most desperately needed. If just 2000 of us chip in $20 we'll be able to fund a lawyer to help bring urgent cases to court right away. Please chip in now. THANK YOU!

Some questions you might have:

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes it is.

How exactly will my donation be used?

Your donation will pay for a legal assistant to help with the legwork on these cases. There will continue to be many other volunteers in the org, but NJP need a full time junior to pull all the pieces together.

All money goes directly to The National Justice Project.

$60k to fully fund the position at award, with full entitlements.

We have reached this goal. We are now going for a second lawyer. The need for justice has never been more urgent.

More lawyers = more clients. Helps us get two legal eagles. Help us stick it to the man!

Why crowdfund?

The work is so political, traditional funding sources are tricky. Government is obviously not an option. Mums and Grannies know we can be of assistance

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