Search Dog Welfare Vehicle

By Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs

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What do we want to achieve? 

We want to provide more volunteer hours on location at a search for a vulnerable, missing person.

Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs was tasked to search for a vulnerable missing 73-year-old man who suffered from chronic health problems and Parkinson's disease. He had left home near Fleet, Hampshire, to go a buy his morning paper and never returned.

Search Dog Zak and his volunteer handler Kev took part in a three day search alongside search dog teams from across the country and on the third day Zak found the missing man in an isolated area. He was unconscious and with extreme hypothermia but with the alarm raised an ambulance soon arrived to give him the care he required.

If volunteers and their specialist search dogs had been able to clean up, rest and re-fuel on location they would have been able to re-deploy more quickly. This could’ve shortened the time taken to locate the missing man and brought him back to his family sooner.

How will we do this?

The new ‘Search Dog Welfare Vehicle’ will provide life saving facilities for our amazing volunteers to rest and refuel and to prepare the dogs to deploy multiple times at a search for the vulnerable and missing. 

The more voluntary hours we give to the emergency services at a search increases the missing persons chance of survival and bring loved ones home.

Who are we? 

Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs is a voluntary organisation that provides qualified search dog teams to support the emergency services when looking for vulnerable, missing people in Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

With a BIG fundraising target of £25,000, with your help we can reach it.

Thank you from all of the team... dogs included of course. 

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