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Thank you to everybody who has placed their trust in SCOOP. We're working towards opening the shop in the next few weeks. Please keep signing up to create a stable base of founding members. If we can get another 50 prepaid members and 2.5k pounds, we'll buy you all a fantastic nut butter machine!

IMPORTANT: Some people have been experiencing difficulties with PayPal. You need the most up to date web browser for it to work. Please email [email protected] to make a direct transfer into our account.


SCOOP, The Sustainable Cooperative, is a new initiative in Jersey that is passionate about the future of our island and the environment we live in. With a beautiful package free shop in the heart of St Brelade, a small production kitchen and a range of community events, we aim to create a more sustainable supply of food on the island. For a small contribution to this campaign you can look forward to a 25% discount on everything we sell in the shop. Great food and household items that don't cost the earth.

Why we need this

"When we go shopping in local supermarkets we can’t always make the decisions we would like to make. We don’t want to buy food that unnecessarily harms the environment. We want tasty healthy food that doesn’t cost the earth."

It is estimated that Britain’s leading supermarkets create more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year and are responsible for millions of tonnes of food waste. Meanwhile, here in Jersey, there is a lack of support for the farmers and growers who care most for the environment, protecting our natural resources and wellbeing for generations to come.

This is unsustainable.

Here’s what we are going to do about it

The Sustainable Cooperative (SCOOP) will give you an opportunity to shop in the way you want to.

We are blessed with a beautiful space in the heart of St Brelade, with modern facilities, ample parking and caring owners. The shop will cover most of your daily needs, from dried goods, to fresh produce and household items. All items would be certified as organic, or be sourced from farms in transition to organic certification. Produce will be sold in bulk, without unnecessary packaging and single use plastics.

A small production kitchen will help us reduce waste and process surplus produce, allowing us to create and enjoy innovative secondary products.

As a cooperative we will respond to the needs and concerns of our members. There will be a children’s play area, a space to sit and spend time together, support for low income households, disabled access, talks, demonstrations and presentations, film nights, gatherings and community meals.

Within the farming community, we will step in to support local organic farmers and their continued efforts to look after the land and the biodiversity of our island, creating a stable market for the food they produce and collaborating on ideas for the future.

Our activities will actively contribute to a more ecologically and environmentally sustainable island, by reducing waste, supporting responsible farming practices, protecting our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint. We will make caring for the environment an integral and habitual part of our every-day lives, while raising awareness towards the environmental impact of our supply chains. We will make a difference!

The shop at Vermont Farm waiting for a new lease of life.

Fresh local organic produce. Click here for more information on the range of products we hope to stock. (you will need to navigate back to this page)

Owned by you

The Sustainable Cooperative is a not for profit company owned by its members, who elect company directors to oversee the running of the cooperative. The first AGM will take place after the first three months of operations.

Members pay a monthly subscription to access items at reduced rates and be a part of the cooperative. Subscriptions provide capital for stock and cover overheads. Non members can use the shop and pay standard retail prices. Some members may choose to work for the cooperative.

Subscription levels are set in relation to the size of your household, to balance the benefits made by members. Initial levels have been set at £15 for individuals, £25 for two and three person households and £35 for households of four or more. The membership discount is set at 25%. This should ensure that regular shoppers benefit from being a member, as we strive to make good quality responsibly farmed and processed food more accessible and more affordable. These levels will be reviewed at each AGM.

Click here for more information on subscription levels. (you will need to navigate back to this page)

Become a member!

We need 300 members and 25,000 pounds to make The Sustainable Cooperative work. Your contribution will go towards paying your initial monthly membership subscriptions (for up to three months), giving you access to reduced rates and fresh healthy produce from the moment we open our doors. If you would like to make a donation to support our initiative, but do not intend to be a member, we are very grateful for that too. If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact us directly.

The funds we raise in this way will be used to stock a wide range of affordable package free organic food, along with essential household items. They will also allow us to buy equipment and design shop fittings that are suitable for dispensing low waste package free products.

We look forward to welcoming you into The Sustainable Cooperative!

What you are getting for your 'donation'.

To be clear:

For an individual:

£15 for one months subscription

£30 for two months subscription

£45 for three months subscription

For 2 / 3 people living together:

£25 for one month subscription

£50 for two months subscription

£75 for three months subscription

For households of 4 or more:

£35 for one months subscription

£70 for two months subscription

£105 for three months subscription

Any money donated above these amounts will be take as a donation to the crowd funding.

The perks on the side are additional gifts for your donations.

Questions? Contact us.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing [email protected], or refer to the PDF documents linked above for more information on how The Sustainable Cooperative will operate, and the range of items we hope to stock.

Additional information

The location of the shop will be Vermont Farm, Route du Coin, St Brelade.

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