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Why Uganda?

Only half of children in rural Uganda are enrolled in primary school. Drop out rate is 60-80%, particularly amongst girls. Many families struggle to pay for school uniforms, books, and meals.

How piggeries and tree farms are turning things around

The Landcare movement started in Australia in the 1980s when local communities started working together on issues such as soil preservation and conservation. It spread to Uganda, where much of the population are subsetence farmers with little education. Kain Foundation launched a unique version of a Landcare project with four primary schools in Uganda to teach children important agricultural techniques like hands-on gardening, building tree nurseries and piggeries.

You can join us

Now we need your help to reach more schools. Our target is to raise $50,000 in the next two years to reach at least 8 more Ugandan schools. The cost for one school and the surrounding community to be part of
Junior Landcare is $7,400. However any amount that your school raises is welcome.

We’ve designed this campaign so anyone can easily join, create your own crowdfunding page, set your target, and start spreading the word. A student may decide to do this together with his or her family. A few students may form a team and do this as a group project. Or, the entire school could make this their community stewardship project for
the year. Whichever case you’re in, the Kain Foundation will make sure you have the information needed to effectively communicate with your audience why this cause is important and the difference their donation will make in improving the lives of children.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Australian schools that reach certain funding levels are eligible to earn special prize packs from Garden Grove, filled with seed packs, tools and other items that can be used to set up their own herb garden or vegetable patch.

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