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Life in rural Cambodia 

Education is often deemed a luxury in Cambodia. 1 in 5 children drops out of schools due to family influences, insufficient funds, low morale as a result of poor academic performance as well as unrealistic commutes to schools.

Children are pressured by their communities to find laborious jobs in the hopes of earning USD$3 per day and ironically, remain trapped in the cycle of poverty.

School for Life - Dream Their Dreams

Here at PeopleStories Foundation, we believe that all these children need to have a fighting chance at a better life through education. We believe that basic education is a foundation for development and better opportunities for families to break out of their poverty cycle.

That’s why we launched an initiative ‘School for Life’ dedicated to helping students access education, for a brighter tomorrow.

Our goal is to reach a school completion rate of 95% for students in rural Siem Reap.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

1)Wider School Support

In addition to our 6 partnered schools and 2,500 students, we plan to expand our support to 10 (4 new) schools in rural Siem Reap this school year.  These schools are in very rural areas and waiting for help desperately.

2)More Student Scholarships

We look forward to granting 100 scholarships to 100 students. This will cover after school coaching lessons, learning materials, uniform, school bag, and most important a bike to get to school.

3)Stronger Sports Chapter

Sports education is a vital way of achieving a healthy balance in a child’s education. We have been facilitating sports programs like soccer and netball.  We aim to continue this venture with an added focus on girls in sports.

4)More Targeted Chapters

We would also like to extend our Khmer for Success Literacy Program, a specialised program that helps students struggling in Khmer literacy improve their reading and writing skills, to more students.  We also have a plan to deliver a Transition program for students entering secondary school from G6 to G7.

5)Learning Centre

This is our dream!  An oasis for the children to dream and learn!  We plan to have a dedicated space for hands-on and experiential learning.  Coach students for better academic results and equip them with life-skills and employable capabilities.

Help Us Dream Their Dreams

Here’s how your contribution impacts the underprivileged children of Cambodia:

AU$30 – 1 student learns for a month

AU$90 – 1 student learns for a quarter

AU$180 – 1 student learns for 6 months

AU$360 – 1 student completes a year of learning at school

Here’s how your funds can support the school’s infrastructure:

AU$50 = 1 whiteboard for the classroom

AU$70 = 1 bike to enhance student's mobility and access to school

AU$70 = 1 fan for the classroom

AU$120 = 50 new books for the school library

AU$330 = 1 ink-jet printer for the school’s office

AU$350 = 1-month salary of a teacher to provide coaching classes

AU$500 = 1 computer at the school’s learning center

See our successful chapters

  • Bike for Life - gifted 94 bikes to empower 94 dreams at Phum Ou primary school
  • School for Life 2017/18 - provided 21 scholarships to students at Chea Smonn secondary school 
  • New Classroom - built a 2 classroom building for Chea Smonn secondary school
  • School for Life 2018/19 - provided 51 scholarships to students at 3 of our partnered schools 
  • Football Dreams - built a football ground and ignited the dreams for sports as well as school 
  • Khmer for Success - Uplifting Khmer Literacy and helping students to be successful in class as well as in life

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PeopleStories Charity Limited is registered in Hong Kong as a Not-For-Profit Organization. We have applied to be formally recognized as a charity. Until we have our formal charity status, all donations are unfortunately not tax-deductible.

We hope you believe in our earnest purpose, like many other trusting donors, that all your selfless donations are still good karma and worthwhile.

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