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You are visiting our 2018/19 school year donation, which has ended.

To help students complete school in rural Cambodia for the new school year 2019/20, please go to the new site:

Help a student complete school this new school year 2019/20


Thank you!

Support our Mission.

Help students access education, for a brighter tomorrow.

It is a sad reality that students are dropping out of school in Cambodia!

In 2015/16 alone, 39.2% of the grade 12 students did not finish their school year. In Siem Reap’s rural areas, the situation is far worse. It is here, that PeopleStories Foundation is putting its best foot forward to encourage education amongst Cambodia’s youth.

Why do children drop out of school?

Here are some factors that restrain them from choosing their well-deserved right to education:

- Discouraging influence from family & community

- Insufficient funds

- Poor academic performance, due to lack of support

- Distance to school

Watch "A Day with Kongnov" and get a glimpse into local student's life.

Better in school, better in life!

PeopleStories believes in uncompromised education.

Our project, School for Lifeis committed to encourage education and realize dreams! With your help, we are stronger and better equipped to support underprivileged students in their effort to complete school, make a better future and ultimately break their cycle of poverty.

School for Life supports students with 4 key elements:

- Bike for Life: Enhance mobility and safety of students, alongside providing greater access to school.

- Family & Community Support: Inspire, educate, engage and motivate families and communities to support education.

- School Supplies: Gift essential school supplies that enhance involvement and success at school in underprivileged children.

- Quality of Learning: Improve the quality of learning via coaching, unconventional teaching practices, and better school facilities.

You can make a tangible difference.

Our goal is real, transparent and measurable!

By the year 2020, we aim to increase the school completion rate for ‘School for Life’ students at Chear Smonn Secondary School from 80% to 95%.

Say 'Yes' to School for Life, with all your heart!

Even a small amount of AU$1 a day, can make a huge difference in bringing a child closer to education. Here’s how your contribution impacts underprivileged children.

AU$30 = 1 student learns for a month

AU$90 = 1 student learns for a quarter

AU$180 = 1 student learns for 6 months.

AU$360 = 1 student completes a year of learning at school!

More clarity on how your funds can support the school’s infrastructure.

AU$50 = 1 whiteboard for the classroom

AU$70 = 1 bicycle to enhance student's mobility and access to school

AU$70 = 1 fan for the classroom

AU$120 = 30 new books for the school library

AU$330 = 1 ink-jet printer for the school’s office

AU$350 = 1-month salary of a teacher to provide coaching classes

AU$460 = 1 new computer at the school’s learning centre

More than 95% of your kind donations are dedicated to the ‘School for Life’mission. PeopleStories members fund their own travel expenses to ensure that no stone is left unturned to help the children of rural Cambodia.

Together we can spread the light of hope, happiness, and education.

Let’s start by promising a child at least one year of uninterrupted learning. All it takes is just AU$360!

Learn more about PeopleStories

Find out more about School for Life

Get a glimpse into the local student life at Kongnov

PeopleStories is registered in Hong Kong as a Not-For-Profit Organization. We have applied to be formally recognized as a charity. Until we have our formal charity status, all donations are unfortunately not tax deductible. We hope you believe in our earnest purpose, like many other trusting donors, that all your selfless donations are still good karma and worthwhile.

Connect with us at for further information.

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