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Every minute, 20 people are forced to flee their homes, escaping war, persecution or violence. There is currently the largest influx of migrants and refugees since WWII: more than 68 million displaced people around the world. Of the 22.5 million people who are refugees, more than 50% of them are under the age of 18.

Although it's out of the media spotlight, the 'refugee crisis' continues across Europe. Caught up in this are tens of thousands of children.

Just 1 in 4 primary school aged refugee children go to school; 1% of young refugees attend further education. An entire generation is losing the opportunity of education.

"Everyone has the right to an education" - Article 26 UN Convention of Human Rights. We are a group of education specialists, providing mobile refugee education. Our sessions are trauma-aware, working with children and young people at their most vulnerable. We've been working consistently in Northern France since 2017, and will expand into working in Northern Greece in 2019.

We need your help to do it!

We need your help to expand our work to Greece. We will partner with Second Tree, a fantastic charity delivering non-formal education across four refugee camps in the Epirus Region of Northern Greece. 'Second Tree was established to express, foster, and advocate for values of solidarity and intercultural dialogue.' They desperately need more space and volunteers to do this - and so our partnership has been built!

We want to take a newly refurbished double-decker bus - 'Big Blue' down to the Epirus Region of Northern Greece to work in the Katsiskas camp in the area.

The bus has been specifically renovated to provide a safe, calm, trauma-aware environment for the children and young people the School Bus Project - Second Tree volunteers will work with.

- Downstairs: this has been set up as a 'children's centre'. Early years education, with a strong emphasis on learning through play; space for babies; a safe space for parents to sit and talk; even a sandpit!!

- Upstairs: this has been divided into classrooms. Structured sessions, at tables or seated on the floor; 1:1 and small small group; a quiet space for peace and calm or 1:1 support; educational resources. These spaces can be for primary-age or secondary-age children and for parent - focussed sessions.

Every item that you receive as a 'perk' through this site, will go directly to enabling our project to grow, and children and young people to access the education that they need and have a right to.

Please see details on each item for transparent explanation of the costings.

And don't forget, if you're looking for our ethical clothing, you can find it at

Take a look at what's on offer!

Thank you!

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