Saving Australia's Wild Horses

By Victorian Brumby Association

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About Us

The Victorian Brumby Association was  formed in 2007 after several years of informal Brumby Rescue and rehoming. 
To date, we have taken in, rehabilitated and rehomed more than 500 Brumbies.

It is our Mission to:

  • Work with Parks Officials to Rescue and Rehome wild horses caught on public lands.
  • Be an Advocate for our Brumbies, lobbying with and against government agencies, supporting passive trapping programs and aiming to implement fertility control.

  • Educate the public on the situation our our wild Brumbies are in, the threats they face and also to show their value as domestic horses.

Our Brumbies

Today, our Brumbies have been running wild in our Alpine Regions of Australia or more than 180 years, long before their homelands were declared National Parks. They have evolved to be extremely hardy, sociable and calm horses who have the ability to thrive in our Alpine landscape. Brumbies have shown the ability to coexist and even benefit their ecosystem throught their preferencial grazing of introduced species.

From Banjo Patterson's Man From Snowy River to Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumbies and the 10 dollar note, Brumbies have become entwined in our folklore and heritage.

How You Can Help:

At the moment we are still in desperate need of hay. Like everyone on the land the drought dictates to us all on managing feed for our animals.

We currently have 66 Brumbies in care at the moment and while our larger paddocks are holding up well some of our smaller paddocks still require supplemental feeding. We go through 4 - 5 rolls of hay each week and 20 - 40 small squares. We are still doing well with our small squares but desperately need to purchase rounds, which as Im sure you can imagine are still very expensive!

We truly appreciate all your donations right now so we can order more hay. We need about 100 rounds to get us through. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductable and if you would pefer direct deposit our account details are as follows:

Victorian Brumby Association

BSB: 063671                                                                                                                   Account: 1006 6183

Sponsor A Brumby

As we take in new mares, fillies, stallions and colts each year we are always looking for sponsors to name these beauties. 

Sponsorship costs $30 per month and sponsors get a certificate, quarterly updates and an invite to our sponsors thankyou BBQ in January each year. 

If you are interested and would like to sponsor a Brumby or two please contact us at

Become A Member

One of the easiest ways to support our Brumbies is with a Friends of the Brumbies membership.

Friends of the Brumbies is our wonderful core supporter base of members. The funds we raise from memberships goes directly towards furthering our work rescuing, promoting, and lobbying for the Brumbies. The Victorian Brumby Association is proud to be making a difference to our Australian Brumbies and we want you to know that you can be involved too! Contact our Secretary for more info at

Want to know more about the Victorian Brumby Association?

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Team Members

Jennifer Renouf

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