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By Inner City Legal Centre

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The Dalinghurst Business Partnership and Inner City Legal Centre are coming together to call upon their local community to help save the award-winning Safe Relationship Project from being discontinued. We kindly ask our 2011 neighbours in the Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Kings Cross and Surry Hills area to get behind the campaign to help #SaveTheSRP due to a funding cut.

We are seeking to raise $20,000 from our local community to help meet a part of this funding shortfall.

Please help us to #SaveTheSRP

After 10 years of servicing LGBTIQ individuals experiencing domestic violence, our award-winning Safe Relationships Project (SRP) may need to be discontinued after 30 June 2019, due to a funding shortfall.

We would have celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year.

Domestic violence in Australia

Domestic and family violence in Australia is a very real and significant experience for many LGBTIQ people and the impacts are wide and varied. Research indicates that:

  • LGBTIQ people are as likely as non-LGBTIQ women to be victims of domestic violence
  • For transgender people it may be anywhere between 60-80% have experienced domestic violence ('Calling It What It Really Is': 2015, 'Private Lives' 2006, 'Fair's Fair': 2006, Scottish Transgender Alliance IPV Study: 2010)

How the Safe Relationships Project helps LGBTIQ people experiencing DV

Our SRP is a court and legal support service for LGBTIQ people who are experiencing domestic violence. The SRP is a unique and award-winning service, providing a safe room at Downing Centre, support at other NSW courts when necessary and wrap-around legal assistance and non-legal referrals. SRP was established ten years ago in 2009.

The SRP employs a specialist part time lawyer who supports 30 LGBTIQ people per year. SRP clients may be at court applying for AVOs or as the victim of a criminal matter like assault. These clients may need the assistance of a family lawyers for advice and support in relation to separation, property and parenting issues.

More information about the SRP can be found here:

2 ways you can help save the SRP

  1. Make a one-off donation on this page
  2. Donate on a monthly basis

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.*

Even a small donation of $5 makes a difference.

If you can, please consider a donation, even a small one. Every donation brings us one step closer to saving the SRP.

* ICLC is a registered charity and all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Thank you to our partners at The Darlinghurst Business Partnerships for helping drive this cause in our community.

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