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Dont forget to watch our video above ^^^^

What's our story.....

Hey Everyone, we are Christopher and Danielle, the dedicated humans behind Pachamama Wholefoods + Kitchen in Brunswick, Victoria.

In September 2017 we took a huge risk and purchased Pachamama Wholefoods to pursue our dreams of providing quality food, ethical products, sustainable education and community wellness, to do our part to save the planet.

Over the past two years, we truly believe that our love of food and people has allowed the business to flourish into a thriving health food community that will continue to grow beyond the walls of our Brunswick warehouse.

JOIN US and be part of our vision for a health & wellness space that empowers the conscious humans of our community towards a sustainable future.

Our core principles...

Behind our vision lies a set of holistic principles that drives our business growth and development. We are driven by a deep passion for helping people, growing community and maintaining balance within our environment. Our decisions are guided by our core values and beliefs surrounding health, wellness and community.

Our full vision...

We thought that our vision for a multi-functional community space could be best represented in visual form:

Below are the buying principals that we developed and that will govern all new and existing products that we buy and sell for Pachamama Wholefoods & Kitchen.

We have a problem...

After completion of a sustainable renovation to build Pachamama’s Kitchen, our beloved grocery store saw some unexpected cash flow issues during and after the renovation, leaving us unable to pay our suppliers and bills.

We completed this commercial renovation on a tiny budget compared to similar projects in Brunswick, using recycled and upcycled materials where possible, whilst keeping the doors open to the public. We did our best to forecast, plan and minimise cash flow issues during and after the renovation, but sadly our big risk left us in a big hole.

Over the months of March to June we incurred some steady losses due to mutiple reasons, leaving us in an $80,000+ hole. This debt developed from the following:

  • Lower revenue during our three month renovation
  • Loss of customers due to renovation noise and distruption
  • Far slower than expected grocery store sales after relaunch
  • Initial stock costs for the new cafe were higher than expected
  • 10 new staff training costs
  • Three day store closure for final construction during March
  • Unforseeable cafe renovation costs (we budgeted for extras, but what we actually needed was way more)

Although we predicted and planned for some of the above situations, we in no way foresaw the combination of forces all acting at once. It's now threatening our dream right when we have the key elements in place.

On the plus side, our new café is actually doing really, really well! It's profitable, and revenue and customers numbers are increasing every month, we are so happy with how supportive the local community have been, everyone is really into our dream of truly healthy low waste local food!


For the last 3 months we have been working tirelessly to fast track business growth, increase revenue and decrease expenses so we can slowly pay off our debts.

Realistically, the growth of the business overall hasn't been fast enough to balance the ongoing cost of operations. This is especially hard with inconsistent and empty grocery store shelves leading to a slow decline in our customer base.

Without a stable business foundation, we are unable to launch other amazing projects within Pachamama and the community.

This brings us to the core of the campaign, WE NEED YOU, our beloved community help to save our business and help kickstart our other community based projects.

Where will your donation go?

GOAL 1: $40,000

  • 90% - PAY MAJORITY OVERDUE BILLS. This money we will use to pay are valued small business suppliers who have been very patient with us during this difficult time. Paying out these debts will allow us to restock the store so we can continue to grow into an ethical zero waste & wholefood grocer.
  • 5% - BUY GROW BAGS. Once the mushroom farm is installed at SEEDs Communal Garden, we need to purchase grow bags. We would like to use 10% of the campaign to buy 2 pallet loads of grow bags (960bags) which will allow the volunteers to get the farm up and running without any financial stresses in the first 3 months. This is crucial for hyperlocal food production in Brunswick.
  • 2.5% - WELLNESS CENTRE SETUP. The construction of the 2 consulting rooms is finished but we haven't completed the fit out or initial setup to run the center. We will complete the room fit out, set up booking logistics and also invest in some amazing supplements and natural medicines for our practitioners to use with their clients.
  • 2.5% - CAMPAIGN COST. Making this campaign a reality did come at a small cost. Some of the campaign funding will go towards paying for the rewards and also to digital/social marketing costs.

GOAL 2: $50,000

  • 80% - ALL OF GOAL 1
  • 10% - BAR/VENUE SETUP. We are hoping to open our new conscious night life venue with tonic & elixir bar next year. Set up costs for this will be huge as we would need bar equipment & glassware, small dishwasher for glasses, proper sound system and liquor licence. If we can reach this goal we would be able to make this a reality.
  • 3% - MOVIE THEATRE SETUP. Our environmental and educational documentary screenings are becoming very popular. We would like to invest in our own projector screen, projector mount + installation, additional chairs and storage for the chairs. This will allow us to host more professional and regular screenings including movie nights of your favourite old films.
  • 3% - SHELVING/SIGNAGE. Due to the renovation budget blow out, we were unable to build new and more functional shelves for our products or put adequate signage throughout the store. Currently the store doesn't flow nicely & is confusing due to its lack of signage. We think this is important to a functional & relaxing shopping experience. Also we would like to upgrade our front of shop signage to reflect our name & core values.
  • 4% - SEEDs Projects. We would love to start preparing our social enterprise business plan and grant submissions for an industrial composter. We will need to hire grant writing experts and spend hours refining our business plan. We will also give money to the SEEDs to design and build more garden beds and plant more trees. There is always need for upgrades to equipment, improved composting methods and additional worm farms.

GOAL 3: $56,000

  • 89% - ALL OF GOAL 2
  • 11% - MUSHROOM FARM PAYOUT. The mushroom farm soon to be installed at SEEDs communal garden was purchased through a financial institute. We would love to be able to buy it outright, leaving all mushroom profits for the garden and community.

GOAL 4: $206,000

  • 27.5% - ALL OF GOAL 3
  • 72.5% - INDUSTRIAL COMPOSTER. We would love to be able to purchase and launch our industrial composter social enterprise business. Our plan is to empower the community to turn their waste into a resource. With the growing number of dense apartments popping up in Brunswick and surplus of cafes/restaurants, there is a huge need for organic waste processing. This is a prototype model that we would like to test at SEEDs Communal Garden before working with council to expand our social enterprise until there is ZERO ORGANIC WASTE IN LANDFILL. This goal includes supply & installation of composter, purchase of waste collection vehicles, food shredder and location setup + logistics. We would onsell the useable compost to farmers and other gardening institutions.

Beyond the campaign...

Our vision for Pachamama goes much futher than just the walls of our Brunswick warehouse. We believe that our multi-functional community space model is something we would like to spread throughout Australia and the world. BUT we don't want about taking the profits for ourselves. So when the time is right, we will be phasing our business model into a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE model. Because we believe that something as beautiful as a health and wellness community, should only benefit the community.

We will use our product buying principles to fill our shelves with amazing new products that are great for you and the planet. If the campaign is successful we will be starting a new direct trade relationship with a brand called Organic Life in Sri Lanka. They work directly with an amazing organization called Greenfields Bioplantations which is a collection of farm land in Colombo that practice sustainable agricultural principles to serve the health of the community and local environment with high quality produce grown ethically. Organic Life have agreed to help us offset 100% of the carbon emissions created by the transportation of these products into Australia.

If you watched the video you would have seen our full vision for not only Pachamama Wholefoods and Kitchen but for our new wellness center and conscious night venue. Pachamama's Wellness has already onboarding three practitioners, with the 2nd consulting room ready to be open January.

With the support of the community and the funding to deliver on our vision, Summer 2020 will see the opening of Pachamama's Jungle, our conscious night life venue with entertainment space, live music, movie theater and tonic/elixir bar.

Beyond the walls of our store, we will be working closely with SEEDs Communal Garden to foster a hyperlocal food system that grows and processes food whilst empowering that community to be resilent and selfsustaining. We plan to host collaborative events between Pachamama and SEEDs to bring the community together to share in experiences , love for each other and the for planet.


If you believe in our vision, we would love to hear from you. We have an social enterprise business pitch that we would love to share with you. As this is a crowd funding campaign we didn't want to get too financial with our community.

We would love to catch up and talk about our full vision for creating a hyperlocal food community that empowers risilence in the face of an unsustainable system. Our only road block is funding and some investors to believe in our vision. Please get in touch here: [email protected]

If you have read this far, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please make a donation or choose one of the rewards available. More rewards will be added over the campaign so keep an eye out for new and exciting things.

We have poured our heart and soul into this campaign so we can share our vision for a better future with you.

Yours Organically

Christopher & Danielle

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