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A little bit of context

Sharks - one of the most amazing animals in the ocean - have been on our earth for around 400 million years, but sadly, in recent times their numbers have been decimated due to overfishing, destructive fishing methods and human ignorance.

But there’s a problem

Without them, our ocean ecosystems will suffer, become unbalanced, and our ocean food chains will crumble. Their presence in the marine ecosystem is vital.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Save Our Sharks aims to raise awareness about, and promote shark conservation. We believe that education leads to understanding, which in turn creates appreciation, love and a desire to protect.

We believe that by educating about the true nature of sharks, the need for their protection and conservation, we can instil better values across generations to come so that sharks will not be feared and persecuted, but respected and valued.

You can join us

Your donation (no matter how big or small) will help support our organisation and its efforts to promote shark conservation. We use various methods to achieve this goal including; bumper stickers, wristbands, 'Save Our Sharks' branded clothing and petitioning against shark nets, drum lines and shark finning.

We also raise awareness using FaceBook, Twitter, and provide educational resources for schools whilst also supporting other shark conservation websites and organisations.

All money raised goes directly back into shark conservation, whether it be creating more stickers, paying for the upkeep of our website, or more large scale initiative such as billboards and educational programs.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We will also announce any projects that we have donated to or sponsored so you can see where you donation goes. For example, our most recent project, was providing financail support to Rob Stewarts next film '"Sharkwater: Extinction". We look forward to the worldwide impact this movie will have!

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