Save Our Drinking Water - NSW Central Coast

By Mountain Districts Association

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A little bit of context

Mangrove Mountain Landfill gained national prominence in the ABC's 4 Corners program on Illegal Dumping called"Trashed", aired in August 2017, but for locals it has been a 15 year long fight already. The Mountain Districts Association and the Mangrove Mountain Community Group have opposed the ongoing development of the Landfill, which began as a Golf Course remodelling project and turned into an environmental disaster.

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But there’s a problem

Due to poor oversight, by the EPA, Central Coast Council, The Office of Water and the various operators of the Landfill, general waste was delivered to the site in large quantities. It was only designed to accept Clean Fill. The waste has been placed in a cell which is largely unlined and poses an unacceptable risk to the precious aquifer which is the lifeblood of the region.

1000's of hours of work by volunteer researchers has uncovered evidence of multiple breaches of the EPA licence, the Development Consent and the Water Act. The investigation is complex and expensive.

Our funds are depleted! A small community association cannot bear the ongoing cost of this important campaign.

You can join us

We urgently need your help. The operator of the Landfill has immeasurable resources and we have you! Dig deep.....this will be "money well spent".

Our cost include:

  • GIPA (freedom of information) Searches
  • Comprehensive Water Analysis
  • Printing
  • Professional Technical Support
  • Publicity and Campaign Material
  • Photographic Evidence
  • Legal Advice

We are seeking to raise $20,000. This is a conservative estimate of how much it will cost our organisation to remain at the forefront of the fight to prevent a further 1 million tonne of putrescible waste being dumped at the sensitive site and to support a clean up plan going forward.

And here’s the amazing perk for you for supporting us

Our campaign is critical! We cannot risk our precious Water. Water is Life. Please help us help you? Imagine the difference we could make if we clean up the mess before it decimates our precious water resource. Look at what has happened in the Williamstown area; see the consequences of living with contamination. Also, Regional Australia is suffering and has been devastated by water shortages and contamination. Its time to prioritise our water resources!

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