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A little bit of context

The activism of women has shaped our civil society, building trade unions and arguing for the wages and conditions we enjoy today (like maternity leave). We live in a time where women are playing an increasingly influential role. But the recorded history of the Australian union movement has been disproportionately dominated by the stories and personal histories of union men.

But there’s a problem

Countless women in the union movement have been instrumental in leading campaigns and pushing (often unpopular) issues, and their stories aren’t being told—their contributions have been lost in history. We aim to correct this imbalance!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We plan to seek out 50 Australian union women’s stories (from a wide range of backgrounds and locations), record them in their own words via face-to-face interviews and add them to our website, where the online archive will be free and accessible to all.

By turning individual, personal memories into a shared collection, we will ensure these women’s stories are remembered and indelibly recorded in history.

We have all the equipment we need, and our experienced interviewers/historians are primed and ready to go. We even have our list of interviewees all teed up. Our next step is to raise the funds needed for travel costs to get us around Australia to meet these inspiring women and capture their voices.

You can join us

We need your help to get us on the road by raising $12,000. Let’s come together to save these stories and make sure women’s voices are heard.

Whether you can afford $25 or $100 or even just the amount you save from skipping a cup of coffee or two this week, every little bit will help us on our way!

Your donations will go to directly covering the practical costs required to preserve these stories. Read on to find out more

How will your $$$ help?

The average cost to travel to, stay nearby, interview and audio record one woman trade unionist's story, to transcribe the interview—making it accessible for people with disabilites—edit the audio recording, and add it to our web archive = $900!

Therefore to preserve one story it takes:

18 x $50 donations or

9 x $100 donations or

1 x $900 donation (if you're feeling generous).

Every donation, big or small, will bring us closer to preserving one more precious story. So thank you for joining us in making a difference!

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Depending on how much you pledge, we have various perks to, well, 'perk up' your life. Starting with our 'Wall of Fame', where your generosity will be recorded on our website for life, our stylish Calico Tote Bags (made and printed by a company that sources ethical products and has fair work practices), and our VIP pass, so we can treat unions or organisations who dig deep in their pockets to a great night at our project launch party.

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