Save Wollar from Wilpinjong coal mine

By Wollar Progress Association

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Wollar village, founded in 1885, nestles in farmland near the rugged sandstone escarpments of the Goulburn River National Park in the south-western extreme of the Hunter catchment. A happy, bustling community looking after its own affairs with school, churches, community hall, shop, recreation ground and bushfire brigade until the approval of the nearby large Wilpinjong open cut coal mine in 2006.

The mine, owned by Peabody Energy US, has grown larger and more threatening since that time. The people of the Wollar area have been severely impacted by mine noise, dust and the stench of burning coal stockpiles. Many have sold up to Peabody to protect their family’s health.

The next proposed large expansion of Wilpinjong Mine will bring it to within 1.5km of our village, and the company's own report admits this would be the death of Wollar. The remaining people in the district want to protect what is left of our community and fight off this unwelcome coal mine. As the world moves away from thermal coal, our community should not be sacrificed to prop up an industry in terminal decline.

The NSW Government is currently assessing Peabody's application to expand the mine. We need to show the government that this would do more harm than good for NSW. With your help, we want to raise the funds we need to:

  • engage expert consultants to assess the impacts of the mine expansion on biodiversity, on local residents, on noise, air, and water pollution. If we don't, then the only “experts” the government will hear from on these issues are the ones employed by the mining company.
  • produce campaign and lobbying materials like flyers, videos, and reports, to help get the public behind our campaign, and build pressure on the NSW Government to knock back the project.

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