Save the Walkerville YMCA

By YMCA Inner North East Adelaide

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A bit about the Walkerville YMCA


The Walkerville YMCA has long been part of our community in the inner north east of Adelaide providing youth and recreation services since the 1950's, when some far sighted community leaders got together to provide recreation programs for young people looking for activities. Today we have programs cover gymnastics, stunt action, play & mini gym, tumbling, Gym Sense (Autism Spectrum Disorder participants) stadium sports(Futsal, Badminton, Basketball, Pickleball & Dodgeball), vacation care, squash/raquetbal, Strength For Life (50+), Dance, Group Fitness, Cardio & Weights. Our services help many additional needs clients, provide social connectedness and physical activity in a safer instructor led environment.

But there’s a problem

Unfortunately since the ownership of the building transferred to the Town of Walkerville in 2000 there has been no ongoing maintenance or capital improvement budgets from the asset owner, leaving the the tenant to maintain the building for operational purposes with increasingly shorter lease terms. The council are now misrepresenting information on the building condition despite a building report indicating the building is structurally sound but in need of refurbishment, to to put a motion to the council not to extend the lease and reuse the site for the 'highest and best value'. This is clearly a case of council putting finances ahead of the community and leaving no where for participants to go. 

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are running a working bee on Sunday the 15th March from noon onwards at 39 Smith St Walkerville to carry out maintenance works and improve the presentation of our facility. Painting, patching, cleaning, gardening and general handyman tasks will all be a part of it to show everyone how much we want to keep our facility. We would love you to be a part of our efforts. 

You can join us

If you can't provide your time or talent on the day, then maybe you can share a little treasure and donate to help offset the cost of supplies and equipment we need to get the job done. 

Save the Walkerville YMCA

Your help will ensure we can continue our battle to maintain community recreation facilities and that future generations can continue to enjoy what many have already experienced over previous decades.

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