Save the Carnarvon One Mile Jetty

By Carnarvon Heritage Group Inc.

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A little bit of context

The One Mile Jetty is the longest timber construction in the North West of Western Australia and construction began in 1897. It was built to accommodate State Ships that brought supplies and passengers to the Gascoyne region and allowed the export of livestock and wool from the region.

Built originally of Jarrah from the South West forests it comprises over 674 pylons in the neck of the Jetty and more than 310 in the head.

These pylons have over the years created an artificial reef which explains the fantastic fishing from the Jetty.

The One Mile Jetty and adjoining precinct was entered on the Register of National Estate (No. 17038) in October 1999 and the Heritage Council of WA's Register of Heritage Place (Database No. 4566) in February 1997.

But there’s a problem

The One Mile Jetty is in urgent need of restorative works to maintain the structural integrity and retain the jetty for future generations. Over the past 20 years the jetty has been maintained through the generous support of local business and individuals along with state and commonwealth grants.

When fire damaged the head of the jetty in 1985 and another section of the neck in 2007 the continued restorative works were all but ceased and the jetty is now in dire need of funding to enable the works to continue.

Without these works the jetty is in jeopardy and the very real threat of demolition exists.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

2017 marks an historical milestone with the jetty celebrating 120 years since construction commenced and 20 years since the Carnarvon Heritage Group rescued the jetty from demolition. Thousands of people have enjoyed the pleasures of walking and fishing from this amazing piece of historical infrastructure.

Between 1985 and 2016 we have replaced 219 piles in the neck and 81 piles in the head, including the corresponding half caps, corbels, braces, stringers, kick rails and bolts as necessary.

We need to replace a further 38 piles and associated supporting structures. A further 14 piles per year need to be replaced annually in accordance with the Asset Maintenance Plan.

You can join us

We are calling upon the countless people who love this jetty to support this initiative so that future generations can also experience the wonders of the natural environment out over the Indian Ocean.

If 1,000,000 people donate $1 we can save the One Mile Jetty.

The jetty requires restorative work and the continuing replacement of pylons. The piles cost a conservative $3,000 each to purchase, treat, transport and drive.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

$300 - $500 Free access to walk the jetty - This generous donation will allow us to replace one 5 metre decking board. As a thank you we will gift you with a Free Access to walk the One Mile Jetty.

$500 - $1000 Complimentary postcard of the jetty posted to you - this generous donation will allow us to replace one 6 metre brace. As a thank you we will gift you with a complimentary postcard of the One Mile Jetty.

>$1000 VIP guest at the events - this generous donation will allow us to replace one 6.2 metres stringer. As a thank you we will invite you to our commemorative celebration.

>$5000 VIP guest at events and name plaque - this generous donation will allow us to replace one 15 metre pile. As a thank you we will invite you to our commemorative celebrations and position a name plaque with your inscription.

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