Your support will defend the Kuark forest!

By Environmental Justice Australia

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Kuark forest protected - for now – but without your support it really is only temporary.

In East Gippsland, on the edge of the Kuark forest, stands a spectacular area of old growth forest.

As they have since before European colonisation, giant old-growth trees tower overhead and the scent of sassafras is on the breeze. Birdsong fills the air.

These forests are a window to a world that has stood for thousands of years.

At least, it's like this today.

If VicForests have their way, the bird song will be replaced by the sound of chainsaws and heavy machinery. The scent of sassafras by the smell of diesel. The towering trees will be torn down, and the forest will be gone.

Acting for the Fauna and Flora Research Collective Inc, we’ve succeeded in an urgent application for a temporary injunction to prevent VicForests from starting to log. We’ve held off the machinery for now, and we urgently need your support to prepare the case and gather the evidence so we can permanently protect spectacular areas of old growth forest like this. The next hearing will be in December.

The state logging agency VicForests has already ripped a logging road through the forest. They have been ordered to remove their chainsaws and heavy machinery for now, but unless we see this case through, they will return.

The Environment Department has claimed that it has no obligations to protect old growth forest – despite legal action and thousands of emails to the Minister demanding better protection of these spectacular old-growth forests.

We will see this never before logged forest destroyed unless we act quickly.

Without this legal action - and without your support - VicForests will start tearing down the forest, unchallenged.

We are working with our client around the clock to defend this forest, but unless we win, logging could start again. With your support, our client will ensure that no stone is left unturned to protect old growth forests and keep Kuark standing.

Your support will fund the legal defence this forest so desperately needs.

Please, make a donation and stand with the Kuark forest, to keep Kuark so it can continue standing.

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