Save our cats from Coronavirus

By The Cats Pyjamas Rescue

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Torture & cruelty has already increased with newborn kittens left hanging in thorn bushes, mass abandoning on the streets to slowly starve, the injured & sick left in pain & suffering.

A litter of 3 kittens left to die in a thornbush, sadly only one survived.

Adding fuel to the fire our neutering campaign has been stopped, we cannot prevent a huge rise in the number of stray kittens & cats. Our donations have dried up as people are unable to work, we cannot pay our vet or buy the cat food we hand out to our volunteers.

We are a small charity (Greek registered) & our resources are already exhausted please for our Cretan cats help us to help them


Bambi is being looked after by lovely foster parents in Vamos she is getting spoiled rotten & will not miss our cats beating her up! If no one wants her here she will go the UK for adoption when travel restrictions are lifted.
Alfie the lone survivor thrown away in a thorn bush has been very lucky and now owns his own humans!
Next month we can again buy in half a ton of food to hand out for the strays due to donations from long standing & new generous benefactors.
Thank you everyone for supporting us & our cats during this difficult time were still here if you need us.
Stay safe everyone!

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