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By La Crosse Neighborhoods, Inc. - GENA

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A bit of history and glimpse into the future…

Memorial (Municipal) Pool, La Crosse's first outdoor public pool, has served millions of residents across our City's neighborhoods for over 78 years. Built in 1938 to be “modern in every respect”, this historic place was suddenly closed without a plan and today is threatened forever. A NEW FUTURE OF AQUATIC RECREATION must be shared for Memorial Pool, so it can last beyond 150 years!

The sad state of Memorial Pool that doesn’t have to be…

The past several years have been especially hard on Memorial Pool. Deteriorating conditions, colder and colder water, outdated facilities, lack of programming and deferred maintenance have led to a huge drop-off in use. Instead, we must REVITALIZE MEMORIAL POOL. Without the pool this year a lot has been lost: neighborhood business, an essential family & community hub, swimmers in lap lanes & aquatic fitness programs that improve our community’s health. Most critically, the instruction and practice of A LIFE SAVING SKILL, the original purpose of Memorial Pool, is being lost - in a town on the Mississippi River no less.

What our Pool Committee is doing about it…

We saw the City’s pool study estimating $4-$4.5million for a traditional historic pool improvement and thought we could help. Instead we identified a $2.5MILLION HISTORIC RENOVATION USING MODERN TECHNOLOGY that serves today’s community aquatic needs better. We hired a nationally recognized pool consultant to do critical research that complements the City’s technical evaluation & pool committee. Our focus is to share part of a blueprint, based on outstanding aquatic programs, in time for the 2017 City of La Crosse budget.

Please join us and shape the future…

Our Committee members personally contributed the first $2,000 to show our dedication and commitment. Now we are raising as many small donations as possible to fund the remaining $4,000 of the study – to prove the numerous “votes” for NEW, EXCITING IDEAS at Memorial Pool. When complete, we will see state-of-the art pool design concepts, improved aquatic programming ideas and cost-saving strategies to accomplish 3 things:

1. Revitalize Memorial Pool as a HISTORIC DESTINATION for residents and visitors that best serves TODAY’S AQUATIC NEEDS in our community.

2. Improve our CITY-WIDE aquatic recreation so that MORE USERS and a WIDER VARIETY OF USERS can benefit from ALL OUR POOLS

3. Engage multiple pool experts with the City and residents to develop a PROSPEROUS and BUDGET-FRIENDLY plan to revitalize (not defer maintenance or demolish) our aquatic assets.

A NEW FUTURE OF AQUATIC RECREATION STARTS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS - help us share it, with your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION, so it can last beyond 150 years!

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