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The 'Beating Heart' of Stokes Croft

In 2008, Hamilton House was set up as a Centre of Excellence in Sustainability. What it became over the next 10 years was one of the most unique centres, feeding out creative, commmunity minded activity into the local area, created a network that spanned the globe and sought a new way of working with each other.

400% rent increase, 200+ Evictions

In November 2016, the community of building users were notified that building would be placed on the market. Together a visionary and achievable proposal for £6.5m was put forward to purchase the building, bringing it into community ownership. This was refused and just under a year later almost 200 members of this community were evicted, the lease for the building was raised to 400% more per year and the owners are pursuing a development that will see this vibrant and vital inner city community space converted into more unaffordable flats. We are now at a point where Coexist CIC, the organisation that over 10 years has brought this idea into reality, is now facing imminent eviction.

Community Ownership is Key

Your contributions have helped amplify the message calling to 'Save Hamilton House', by bringing it into community ownership. The many donations have produced, t-shirts, posters, murals, exhibitions, animations and documentaries. These creative actions and the publics support have pricked the ears of the media and found advocates in our local politicians to find an alternative solution to building unaffordable flats in the heart of our community building.

We need your continued support to keep this message alive, to bring the conversation back to community ownership, where the people who are socially invested in the building, can be the people who make decisions about its future.

£1500 is the start...

As the owners of the building continue in their attempt to exploit the planning loophole of Permitted Development, we need to keep the conversation alive around the value of this building as a community facility and how we can change the seemingly predestined course towards more unaffordable accomodation.

Our best tool is the creative actions that you have brought to us. From the badges, sketches and slogans, to the murals, exhibitions and cocktails (yes cocktails) but the most informative tool so far has been the animations and documentaries in getting the information out to you and helping us turn that knowledge into action.

The more informed you are, the bigger the community of supporters become, the closer we get to bringing this community building into community ownership and for once and for all Save Hamilton House.

You can help by...

  • Watching and share this video far and wide CLICK HERE.
  • Write a google review of Connolly and Callaghan's Community Leadership.
  • Sign and share the Petition.
  • Where you badges and t-shirts, put your posters in your windows.
  • Film a video response about the loss of Hamilton House as a vital community space in Bristol, tagging #savehamiltonhouse and sharing on social media.
  • Write a direct letter to Andrew Baker at Connolly & Callaghan asking them him to take leadership and sell Hamilton House to Coexist and the community:
    • Andrew Baker
      Head of Social Enterprise
      Connolly and Callaghan
      80 Stokes Croft
      BS1 3QY

#BackCommunityOwnership #SaveHamiltonHouse #ValueNotProfit

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