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We design and build training programs, facilities and social enterprises to ensure our girls and women become well equipped, empowered and active members of society.


We've been working in India for over 10 years, partnered with a local NGO who's been providing education and shelter for girls, women and the elderly since 1983.


Who is KKSS?
Karunalaya Kalaiselvi Social Welfare Society is Indian non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation, education and housing for children, women and the elderly since 1983. In 2017 they won the Best Institute for Women’s Rights in Tamil Nadu (a state of over 70 million people) - so they are doing something right! Sathyam was created to support them in their work: build facilities, better internal processes and income generation opportunities for the girls and women in India.

Together, we are committed to providing better futures for those that need it.


We believe that all girls and women should:

  • live life with dignity and independence
  • have equal access to economic + social opportunities
  • have freedom from violence
  • have access to high quality education

Every single girl or woman that comes through has an equally challenging story, but one thing in common: coming to KKSS has given them their choices back, their dignity back, and their life back.

You can join us!


We're raising money on a rolling basis, to provide support to KKSS and the girls and women who are resident there. You can see some of our projects below:


Sathyam Cafe

Sathyam Emowerment Centre

Sathyam Education Fund


Let's do this together.

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