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Please donate to help save the Suffolk Countryside

We need your help to stop huge industrial electrical substations being built in the Suffolk countryside. We are raising funding to help support residents in East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast so they can preserve their peaceful communities and environment.  

Your community could be next!

With your help we can challenge Scottish Powers decision to select a random location close to Friston village for a massive industrial onshore  substation for theirwindfarms off the Suffolk Coast. If this substation goes ahead it will set a precedent for other projects like this in other random locations, please help us now so your villlage, town or community isn't next. 

What will we do with your donations?

We want to Save East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast from an industrial blight, we are up against the power of big energy companies who do not think about people or communities, their only real concern is profit.

- Your donations will help create an online and social media presence.

- Help with campaigning through the distribution of flyers and leaflets.

- Help us to lobby local authorities, MP's, National Grid, Energy Companies (including Scottish Power, Iberdrola, EDF). 

Your donations go directly to SASES.ORG.UK 

All you donations will go directly to SASES.ORG.UK and all funds will be used directly to achieve change.

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