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A little bit of context

Santino is a 4 year-old kid from Salta, Argentina, who was born with retinopathy of prematurity which made him go blind. This happened due to medical negligence and could have been avoided. His mother contacted us and together we were able to raise USS 45.000 for his first treatment in China which happened in November 2017.

But there’s a problem

The doctors at the Wu Medical Center advised us that Santino would have to go back a year later to get his second treatment. This last treatment is an opportunity for Santino to regain his eyesight. His medical appointment is on the 10th of July.

If he can't make it to the appointment, the next available date is in 2020 and all the efforts from the first treatment would be lost.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We've raised US$ 30.000 out of the US$ 32.000 needed to send Santino and his mom to China. We're missing the last bit. We have done all sorts of fundraising in Argentina and now it's time to ask for help from overseas.

You can join us

Helping us out in this cause means gifting someone his eyesight. What an amazing gift! And you can be part of it. We only need AUD 2500 to reach our goal.

We believe that in order to make a big change in the world, we should start with one person.

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