Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal 2016

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UPDATE 2: Woah! That's 500 tickets now sponsored, thank you so much for all the amazing support.

We won't let hate win! Tickets sponsored from here will continue to go to the Victorian Formal, as well as the South Australian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal in November 2016.

Keep sharing and letting LGBTI youth know they're loved, supported, and deserve an an amazing night to be themselves!

UPDATE: We've had more than 375 tickets sponsored! THANK YOU! We will now increase the size of the venue, and are accepting further sponsorship of tickets.

A conservative group have organised for their members to 'buy up' tickets to block young people from attending. We won't give up that easily! We've upped our target as a result - we want to make sure no young person misses out. Donated tickets are given to young people who connect with us in person or via phone, and can't be blocked by organised protests. Please help us to make sure that the Formal isn't an empty venue this year.

You can sponsor a young person to attend the Same Sex Formal. Every $40 donation will allow one young person to attend, who would otherwise not be able to afford it. All donations are completely tax-deductible too.

Imagine being told by your school that the clothes you feel comfortable wearing to a formal aren't considered 'normal' or don't conform to a dress code. Imagine not being allowed to take a partner of the same sex, or being too afraid to attend altogether.

It's a sucky reality for gender diverse and same sex attracted students from all over Australia, who are bullied or made to feel unsupported because of their identity.

That's what the Same Sex Formal is all about; 500 students having the night of our lives. But it's also a chance for us to say to schools “Hey, you need to do more to support us; you need to challenge transphobia and homophobia.

With your support, we can make a huge different in the lives of same sex attracted and gender diverse youth!

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