SAME CUP - Bringing diversity to coffee

By Demelza Jones

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A little bit of context

SAME CUP is here to promote inclusivity, empowerment and a real path to success for women and LGBTQI+ in the Australian specialty coffee scene.

But there’s a problem

There are not that many of us in positions of influence in the coffee industry. We need a more diverse range of people to look up to and inspire others to make a career out of their passion for specialty coffee.

We often face difficulties in the workforce whether it comes in the form of harassment, mental health, lack of opportunities, wage disparities or family responsibilities. These are just some of the obstacles women and queer folk encounter when getting & keeping a coffee job beyond entry level status.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are focused on creating spaces, events and competitions for women and LGBTQI+ folk in the Australian specialty coffee scene to gain more visibility and power.

We want to host a bunch of events including:

SAME CUP Launch Party (Oct 2018) / Safe space @ MICE 2019 (Feb 2019) / ALL female and queer coffee competition (Feb 2019) / multiple rural NSW/ACT Professional Development events (2019) / many more to come!

Each event will focus on personal and professional development for our members. Stuff like: cupping/palate development, workshops and discussion panels with leaders in their fields, product demonstrations, information on real talk subjects like mental/physical health, how to combat sexual harassment and how to take the next step in your coffee career, networking with like-minded rad individuals and SUPER FUN TIMES!

Also, we want to create some content to build awareness and action plans around some of our more challenging situations. These include documents, videos and ultimately a resource to educate others in our space about the hurdles and benefits of inclusivity and diversity.

By providing this information and encouragement in a safe and supportive space we know we will have a positive impact on the future of diversity and inclusion in the whole specialty coffee sector.

Our long term goal is to provide an internationally recognised certification that indicates that a business or enterprise has achieved or is actively working towards a diversity within its staff and culture.

You can join us

Our initial goal is $10,000. This will support all of the events listed above and also help us with all the little things like:

Website hosting / graphics and logos / sweet merch / travel and accommodation / social media / facilitators and trainers / advertising / food and drink for events / and much more......

If we hit this fundraising goal we can also provide registration, tickets, travel and accommodation for a couple of marginalised people that otherwise, would not be able to attend MICE and the all-female/queer coffee comp in Melbourne in Feb 2019.

We need your funding to make this a reality.

Do you want to help women and queer folk break through the glass ceiling of specialty coffee?

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We have plans to make some super sweet SAME CUP merch like pins, shirts, jumpers, tote bags, keep cups and cupping spoons!

Donate: $1 - $29 dollars and you have our eternal gratitude and love

$30 will get you a sweet SAME CUP enamel pin

$60 will get you a sweet SAME CUP enamel pin and a rad tote bag

$120+ will get you a sweet SAME CUP enamel pin a rad branded tote bag, a first run limited edition t-shirt - WHOA!


$1,000+- we will splash your brand all over one/some of our events - showing the world that you and your business care about equality in specialty coffee! You will also recieve a swag of SAME CUP pins for you and your staff and be a part of our Proud Sponsors section of our website.

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Team Members

Demelza Jones

Shirin Demirdag