Get Pog back in the water to Sail 4 Justice

By Isabella Brown

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Pog ma hon

Pog Mo Hon is the notorious flag ship from the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua, earlier this year she was pirated into the mangroves in dead boat bay where she was found in quite a state of dis repair. She has since been rescued and is up on the dry in Darwin.

We are currently working hard to get her back in the water and ready for her next adventure for social and environmental justice in the Pacific!


We need to put in a new engine, replace timber and rigging, re do electrics and fibre glassing. Its big job and we are making progress but with out your support we are struggling to afford the repairs and parts she needs.

She is a ship with a big job to do and she travels with a message: to fight for justice for First Nations and refugees, climate action and demilitarisation in the Pacific.

Be part of this mission, donate what u can, nothing is too small xx big love and fine adventures

Coming soon are some amazing perks for supporting us: We have some deadly home made patches and T-shirts for your generous contributions 

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