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Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice - Destination Manus

We are sailing to Manus Island! On our 3300 nautical miles journey, we are highlighting the Australian government’s abuse of refugees and First Nations peoples. We want to draw attention to the West Papuan genocide on our doorstep and show our solidarity with those on the frontlines of climate justice struggles here and everywhere in the Pacific region!

Your support...

is invaluable!

Three months have passed since we launched from Birraranga/Narrm in May and a lot has happened for us and in the world in that time. We want to thank everyone who donated their time and their money as well as everyone who sent messages to the men on Manus and met with us along the way so far! With your financial support we travelled a huge 2152 miles, we protested and connected with communities in Warrang, Brunswick Heads, Meanjin, Adani blockade and finally, Gimuy. We have all the safety equipment necessary for the journey, hundreds of Aboriginal Passports and donations. We still need your help to support the final stretch of our journey through Papua New Guinea!

Costs involved (estimated amounts):

Medical donations for refugees on Manus ~ $2000
Travel costs for activists and refugees that we are meeting in PNG ~ $6500
Further travel costs for Indigenous Elders to participate in cultural exchange with Indigenous chiefs in PNG ~ $3200
Upkeep of satellite phones for communication between flotilla vessels and land crew ~ $1000
Emergency fund for boat repairs and maintenance ~ $10000
Gifts for the communities in PNG ~ $800

Total: $23500

As of today (3rd August) we collected $18,178


With the needed $23,500 our new goal is $41,678

Any costs that are unspent will be donated directly to the refugees on Manus.


More about the ideas behind Sail 4 Justice!

The Freedom Flotilla is travelling with the Kangaroo Skin and ashes from the Sacred Fire at The Aboriginal Tent Embassy. We will be delivering Original Nations passports issued by Arabunna Elder and peacemaker Uncle Kevin Buzzacott and endorced by South Coast Yuin Elder, Lyle Davis, to the people imprisoned on Manus.

Our aims are:

  1. We sail to draw attention to the plight of refugees in offshore detention sanctioned by the Australian government.
  2. We sail to let the people on Manus know that they are not forgotten.
  3. We want to send a clear message to the Australian government that their cruelty will not be tolerated.
  4. We want to pay our respects to the traditional owners of Manus Island caught in the crossfire of Australian politics, as well as to the West Papuan refugees that were the first asylum seekers to be banished to Manus in the 1980s by the Australian government.
  5. We aim to promote care for the Ocean. Along our journey, we have an opportunity to inform people via social media and personally about the conditions of the Ocean, fish life, plastic pollution, the Great Barrier Reef, climate change and other maritime issues. We stand for climate justice as we pass through areas affected by environmental issues in the Pacific.
  6. We want to move in solidarity with the traditional custodians of the lands and the seas that we are crossing.

Details and updates on our activities:

We know this is very, very big. There are many ways you can support us, including donating.

Please consider sharing this link, and our website.

You can organize a fundraiser to help us reach our goal.

More than anything, we ask that you support intersectional campaigning. We need to take creative forms of direct action. We need to always think about how issues are interconnected, because none of us is free until we all are!

#Sail4Justice #CloseTheCamps #PapuaMerdeka #FreeWestPapua #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe #Justice4Refugees #StopAdani

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