Saige Community Food Bank COVID-19 Response Fund

By Saige Community Food Bank

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For the last 8 years Saige Community Food Bank has provided a no barrier food bank in East Vancouver twice a month and also a Community Kitchen for folks as well. We have fed thousands of people with thousands of pounds of food! We have made a real difference in helping members of our community have enough to eat, no matter what challenges they're facing. We specialize in food recovery that is 90% fresh produce and baked goods donated from local organizations.

We are also a trans, two-spirit and gender diverse safe space open to everyone in need.

But we need your help!

In order to respond to changes in food systems and recommendations for social isolation in response to COVID-19, we need help to keep our programs running! We're exploring different ways we can adapt our services in order to keep supplying our community with healthy, nutritious food. 

Donations could provide gas cards for deliveries, containers for pre-made meals, food items and supplies, honourariums for volunteers, safety precautionary items such as gloves, masks and sanitizer.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We're exploring several ways of adapting our services, including offering honoraria for temporary staff, providing pre-made grocery bags, pre-made meals, delivery services and other creative solutions! Part of how we decide to respond depends on how much financial power we have to get creative with.


Our goal was to fundraise $5000 in a short amount of time in order to adapt our services for the months to come but thanks to the generosity of folks willing and able to help their community we have exceed our original amount and are now trying get to $15 000.

We currently are delivering food hampers to over 100 people 2x a month, paying our volunteers in gas and grocery gift cards to help with the financial burdens of the pandemic, obtained a storage unit so that we can take more donations of non perishables, distribute food to over 20 different charities and organizations and helping individuals by buying locally made masks and supporting local businesses by purchasing products and providing locally made meals for our volunteers. We have also changed our Community Kitchen to an online event in partnership with Fresh Prep where our hosts cook their meal with others through a zoom event!

Thank you!

Thank you all for your amazing generosity and for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many in these hard times. We continue to provide food security to all those in need and to use food rescue to keep edible products out of our land fills and into the hands of our community. EVERYONE deserves to have fresh and healthy food options. 


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