Saige Community Food Bank VAN FUNDRAISER!

By Saige Community Food Bank

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What we do

For the last 8 years Saige Community Food Bank has provided a bi-weekly no barrier food bank and bi-monthly no barrier community kitchen. We have fed thousands of people with thousands of pounds of food. We have made a real difference in helping members of our community have enough to eat, no matter what challenges they're facing. We specialize in food recovery that is 90% fresh produce and baked goods donated from local organizations. 

We are also a trans, two-spirit and gender diverse safe space open to everyone in need.

But we could use a van

We've been able to transport all of the food that's been donated to us through borrowed transportation. As we grow and expand, with more offers of donated food coming in, we have a real need to get our own van that we can access 24/7 so we can pick up all of the food that's available to us. Also we would be able to make deliveries of food to members of our community who aren't able to make it to us.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have been looking into getting a used van and in order to meet our needs the vans we're looking at are about $7000-8000. The insurance to cover us for one year of food bank van use is going to cost about $2000.

This van would make a real difference in people's lives and help us access more resources as well as deliver more resources to more people. 

You can join us

We need to fundraise $10,000 and we want to do it THIS YEAR so that we can expand our programs as soon as possible! Visit our website for more information or find us on facebook!

And some fun perks!

As a way of saying "thank you" for supporting us:

Donations $40 -

Saige swag bag filled with fun little prizes!

Donations $100-$499.

Swag bag, saige merch, name on our website as a donor.

Donations over $500

Name on the van in small letters as a sponsor!

Donations over $1000

 Name on van in big letters as a sponsor and company logo.

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