Rolling In The Hay

By Deborah Avery

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Isabel and Rowan are third generation dairy farmers in Felton, QLD and they are in a desperate situation. Three dairies have closed down around them in the last couple of weeks and without our help they have no chance of surviving this drought.

Milk production is down by almost a half while their feed bill has tripled. This means every month they get further and further in debt.

They have done everything they can to help themselves. Two staff members have been laid off already. The herd has been drastically reduced and in two weeks the trucks will be coming for the rest of them. The remaining staff will have no jobs and Rowan and Isabel will have to start the heart breaking job of selling the farm to repay feed debts.

Government 'help' doesn't do a thing other than keep the politicians in the media. There are lots of fantastic charity initiatives out there trying to help too, but there are so many farmers needing help that resources are spread very thin.

This fundraiser is to save one family and dairy farm against this awful drought. Any money raised will be paid directly to Sutton’s Hay and Grain to feed Isabel and Rowan's herd. Your donation really will feed the cows. Not only that but it will have a flow on effect. Sutton’s is a small local business that travels throughout the country side begging people to sell their stubble. So many times Isabel and Rowan have had no feed left but somehow a truck of stubble turns up at the eleventh hour. A lot of farmers owe Sutton’s money and now he himself is feeling the strain.

You can help by giving here or donate an item or bid for something on our silent auction at (auction to be launched on 1 October).

Several retail businesses are donating from product sales. You can find them here

Sharing is caring too - please promote this worthy cause on all your socials and join our group


Meet Isabel and Rowan

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