Rocklands Book Nook Appeal

By Katie Harrold

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Small School, Big Heart, Great Expectations !

Rocklands Community Primary is a small village school in Norfolk with just 73 children.

But there’s a problem

Our school library is sorely in need of a revamp. The school has flourished and grown, almost doubling in size in 4 years, but the library hasn’t kept pace.

Out of date books, sparse furniture and poorly utilised space has meant our library is no longer the inspiring place it should be. Books are the backbone of learning and our students deserve access to the most exciting, informative and expressive books out there, but there's a catch…..

And that’s where you can help

The school and Friends of Rocklands School Charity have been working tirelessly for the last year to raise £10,000 to create a new library and we’re almost half way, achieving an amazing £4000. Please would you consider donating to our campaign? Whether you can donate a small amount to buy some much needed books or a little more for some fantastic beanbags or bookcases, every donation will make a huge difference.

Help us to make our school library a fun and engaging place to read and learn.

You can join us

The Friends of Rocklands School will continue fundraising, from bake sales, theme nights and everything in between, including of course our legendary Summer fete, please , please come along and support these events to help us get a step closer to our goal.

Thank you

Our mission is to make 2017 our year of the library and with your help we can do it! This is a very special one off project for Rocklands School and should last generations. Be part of it and help our small School, with a big heart, achieve its great expectations!

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