Roads to Rehab Nepal's Project for Women with Fistula

By Roads to Rehab Nepal

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Roads to Rehab Nepal's Fistula Project:

It is estimated there are 5000 women in Nepal who currently live with obstetric fistula, a preventable childbirth injury. Every year another 500 women develop this terrible condition which leaves them with permanent or temporary urinary and/or faecal incontinence depending on the location of the fistula.

Women with fistula generally live in poverty.

There are 4 hospitals in Nepal where fistula surgery can be funded by a US organisation, but other costs incurred during a hospital stay may not be covered and these expenses are often unaffordable for people in Nepal living in poverty.

Approximately 70 - 80% of women with fistula can be cured by surgery. For the remainder fistulas cannot be fixed and many women with fistula need help for conditions unrelated to fistula ranging from cataracts to kidney stones because medical care is not free in Nepal.

What we do:

Roads to Rehab Nepal works in partnership with a wonderful organisation called Nepal Healthcare Equipment Development Foundation (NHEDF). They are located in Kathmandu and operate a Shelter which can accomodate up to 16 patients. Between us we fund and facilitate medical and surgical intervention, nursing care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for people from all parts of Nepal who cannot afford medical care due to poverty, including women living with fistula who are referred to them.

The medical and surgical conditions for women with fistula to do not have to be fistula related.

My story:

I am an Aussie Nurse called Virginia. I fell in love with Nepal many years ago, have visited many times and for many years, have been helping support many people who for many reasons lack access to health and medical care.

In 2004, an episode of medical negligence left me with a fistula. It was hard enough putting up with complete urinary incontinence for two months let alone a lifetime, even with access to a correct diagnosis, incontinence products, a supportive family and friends, affordable medical care and a skilled surgeon who cured me.

How you can help:

You can help us change the lives of fistula affected women in Nepal by helping fund their medical expenses. If you have any questions, want to contact us or would like any more information about any aspect of the work please visit our website and contact us - there is lots more information about fistula there:

With grateful thanks,

Virginia Dixon,

President, Roads to Rehab Nepal

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