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Road to Hope are heading back to Chios island, Greece, on the 20th April, where we will be working with the incredible Chios Eastern Shore Rescue Team (CESRT).

We can't do this without your help! Your contribution can make a real difference, no matter how big or small.

Thanks folks!

The Road to Hope story

In December 2015 , the Road to Hope team volunteered for two weeks in Lesvos, Greece. We based ourselves in the north of the island where we worked on the front line volunteering at the landing of the many refugee boats crossing the Aegean from Turkey to the northern coast of the island.

We worked long hours and put many a dry sock on wet feet, warmed up people with emergency blankets, gave hugs and lifts to families, listened to people's stories and made them feel welcome. We also travelled to the south of the island and brought our instruments to the camps there. We played and had a load of fun with the kids and parents and saw a lot of smiles and dancing. (A musical first for us was the occasion of playing a set of Irish reels at breakneck speed for a guy who blew our minds with his incredible traditional Afghan dancing).

On our last night we made a unanimous decision to go back in January 2016. We raised the funds we needed and returned to Lesvos. The situation there had got so militarised that it was virtually impossible to do any of the work we intended to do. We had a meeting and decided to head to Chios, another island south of Lesvos. There, we packed in up to 18 hour days of patrolling the coast, helping out with food and clothing distribution, playing looney Irish tunes to lift spirits and bringing a smile and some love to whoever needed it :)

The plight of the thousands of refugees now stuck in Greece is never far from our minds and we aim to help in any way possible when we are on the ground in Chios. We fly on the 20th April and this time there will be a team of 6 of us!

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