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Why the Rivers?

The once flourishing rivers of the Murray-Darling have been the source of life across eastern Australia for millennia.

It's Australia's food bowl, home to two million people, covering four states and 40 Indigenous Nations - keeping the Murray-Darling Basin thriving is integral for all Australians.

We need sustained community action to save our Australia's largest river system, the lifeblood of our country.

Rivers in Crisis

The Darling River is being destroyed by corruption and mismanagement. Rivers throughout Australia will follow suit if we don't take urgent action to to address the deep issues destroying our rivers.

Communities throughout the country are struggling, without water families and local businesses are being hit hard. Last Summer saw millions of native animals, fish, birds and turtles perish in the toxic waters. Next summer will only be worse.

It's clear that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan failing to delivering on its key objective, to keep the river and river communities alive.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

River Country has traveled right across the Southern Basin connecting with people throughout the Basin.

Last year we lit up the river bed with a performance, and made the river front and centre for thousands of tourists visiting Broken Hill for the Broken Heel Festival.

This year, we're at it again!

We want to run DARLINGS FOR OUR DARLING: a river variety show. Featuring Fox Pflueger and Weird Alice (and seeking local artists!), it will be held on the banks of the Barka/Darling for the hard hit community of Menindee.

We will share the stories of people on the Barka/Darling and deepen the support we can offer to protect their communities and our precious environment.

We will bring a smile to the faces of those who are suffering and make clear that enough is enough - healthy rivers need water!

From there we will take that message to Broken Hill for the thousands of people that have made the journey to the Broken Heel Festival and share far and wide that our rivers need support from everyone in the city.

Help us reach our target!

We need to raise is $5000

For $1500 we can cover fuel, accomodation and a meal for our for artists and volunteers.

$3000 will cover the costs of video editing, production and hold a follow up screening event in Melbourne to keep the story going.

Our goal of $5000 will cover support campaign coordinating and help us stay on the road and link up with more river communities.

Can you help us continue our important work?

All donations are tax deductible, please give generously.

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